It’s raining horror films in Tamil cinema! Audiences witness the release of a minimum of one horror film every week. While most releases add a heavy dose of comedy to their horror films, some try and succeed in delivering full-fledged horror films. Last week we witnessed the terrific film Maya. This week’s horror film is director Srinath Ramalingam’s Unakkenna Venum Sollu.

One of the many clichéd elements in a horror film is a supernatural force or a ghost that plans to take revenge. Unakkenna Venum Sollu works on a similar plot. Only difference is that here we are introduced to an eight-year old child  playing the role of a ghost. And this core element is sure to scare the audience. How this child died and why her ghost seeks to avenge her death form the crux of this story.
The first half of the film takes its time in establishing the characters, and weaves a story around them. Director Srinath gives an interesting back-story that reflects the realities of life. What does a young couple in a live-in relationship do when they expect the arrival of a child? He does this without being judgmental.  
The scares in the film arrive in the second half. And the last few minutes of the film are sure to spook you. Although some of the scenes are genuinely scary, the filmmaker relies on familiar tropes from the school of horror for the most part – stuff that you’ve seen in most horror films.  
There are two major factors that make a horror film work – surprising the audience and creating fear. And this film manages to do that only partially. It surprises and impresses us with the twist in the pre-climax stage. It also introduces us to the concept of hypnotherapy, something that we haven’t seen in a horror film before. The way the director interlinks four completely different scenes adds a new dimension to the story.
Despite the many positive elements, the film doesn’t make an impact. Keeping the mystery alive is is crucial to the success of a horror film, and sadly, this doesn’t happen in this film. In case you’ve forgotten, the makers of the film had taken the decision of releasing the climax of this film, on social media portals. We wish they hadn’t done this, since it made the plot fairly predictable. 
Deepak Paramesh and Jaqlene Prakash seem apt for the roles they essay, but deliver only moderately. The ghost of the film, Daisy (Anu), impresses with her expressions.
Technically, the film is quite good. Together, Manish Murthy’s cinematography and Siva Saravanan’s background score give an eerie tone to this film.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you’re looking to watch a horror film that’s high on emotions, then you’ll surely like this film. Watch out for the thrilling climax, in which the filmmaker dishes out some genuine supernatural drama.