Verdict: Radha mohan’s latest gem

Simple stories and memorable characters are two vital elements that are an integral part of director Radha Mohan‘s films. It may be a film as thought-provoking like Mozhi or a emotionally moving film like Abhiyum Naanum, director Radhan Mohan’s film always connect with the audience. This time around, the director is back with yet another interesting film – Uppu Karuvadu. 
This meta-film of sorts is filled with satire and doesn’t have any cliched elements in it. In fact, the director conveys through his film that a film should be free from stereotypes and formulaic dialogues, and that’s precisely what we see in the film. The director repeats the same magic with this film, as he did with Azhagiya Theeye. The theme is based on struggling filmmakers who try to make a feature film, and in-turn learn several life lessons in the process.  The USP of Uppu Karuvadu, is it’s clean humor. Not entirely free of double-meaning jokes, however, it doesn’t entirely rely on them either. The comedy is also filled with puns.  The dialogues of this film are certainly a plus point of this film.They reflect the realities of life, especially on topics such as politics and films. On the downside, the duet track, the slow narrative are the negatives of this film.
The strongest asset of this film is Karunakaran, as a director. His performance is earnest, reflecting the problems faced by a struggling filmmaker. Nandita Sweta, Chaams and other supporting artists also deliver a good performance. The prominent actor who features in all of Radha Mohan’s films, Kumaravel (Maanja) is also a part of this film. Needless, to say that he delivered an effortless performance.
Why you should watch this film:
If you’re a fan of Radha Mohan then you should not miss this film. 2015. It’s a mildly entertaining affair.