Uttama Villain: Film Review – A poetic masterpiece

Enriching, poetic and a spellbinding! Director Ramesh Aravind and Kamal Haasan’s meta-film, Uttama Villain is nothing short of a masterpiece! And Kamal Haasan steals the spotlight by putting up a spectacular show! The direction is superb, the performances exceptional and the story is completely gripping. Although it does seem a little contrived, the cinematic tension makes this an intelligent and original film.

There are a lot of moving moments in this film. Director Ramesh Aravind’s ability to bring out the logic in the film is noteworthy. In Tamil, Uttama means virtuous and villain means a man with a bow and arrow, and this is an apt title for the film. Shifting between comedy and serious scenes, the film manages to strike the right chord, without overdoing it with melodrama. The first half of the film builds mystery around Manoranjan and his life. The story gives us a glimpse of the life of a superstar. How he’s unapologetic about his ‘thimiru’ personality. And that’s when you realize that this film has the potential to become very interesting. The second half of this film transports you to a completely different world, which has new characters and a few lighter moments. It’s intended to create a lot of laughs. The humor that takes place in the eight century is a tad bit cartoon-ish, and that works perfect for this film. Primarily because the characters of folklore are supposed to do that. They bring in a sense of charm with their innocence and ignorance. The series of events that cracked me up was when Uttaman was given the prefix of Mrityunjay (Translated from Sanskirt as, the conqueror of death).

As the film progresses, it takes you for an emotional ride. The scenes that feature Kamal Haasan and his late mentor, Balachander are earnest and delightful to watch. Their adorable real-life rapport is evident on-screen. This might leave you a little teary eyed.

The music in this film can only be termed as phenomenal! Composed remarkably by Ghibran, the music not only adds to the scenes but also uplifts the film. He knows exactly when to use a soulful track and or a folklore number. The songs, Kadhal’aa and the Uttama Villain are intrusive. The background score simply electrifies you! The performances by Andrea, Parvathy and Urvashi are superb. Pooja Kumar looks beautiful and her acting is very good. Nazar‘s antics will leave you in splits! But watching the late Balachander on-screen is what excites you the most!

Constantly shifting between the eight century and the modern age, the director tries to give us a correlation between the two by showcasing the theme of reincarnation. He further focuses on the a brilliant concept that encompasses cinema – An actor dies, but his legacy lives on through his cinema! Times may fly, moments may die, but what really remains are the memories. This is what the film conveys beautifully.

Why should you watch this film?

If you’re a fan of good cinema, then Uttama Villain will grip you. Watch this film more than once to understand its brilliance. And most importantly, watch it for Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan’s terrific performance.

If you’re a fan of good cinema, this movie will grip you. Watch this film more than once to understand its brilliance. And most importantly, watch it for Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan’s terrific performance.оформление кредитной карты онлайн без справок сбербанккредитные карты по почте отп банка отзывы