Vaalu has been two years in the making and released after a period of three years. So, calling it a much-awaited movie wouldn’t really be stretching things. Intended to be an action-comedy, the movie offers plenty of high-octane stunts and a few good laughs. However, these elements are just not enough to make Vaalu a compelling watch.  

Remember Silambarasan‘s early movies? Films like Kuththu, Dum and Kadhal Azhivathillai, director Vijay Chander‘s Vaalu can be added to this list too. Nothing wrong with it; just that Vaalu looks dated. From its story (if one may call it so) to the characterization, everything seems dull. Writer Vimalan’s story lacks a solid base, the screenplay by Vijay Chander follows a predictable and shaky template. The villain, Anbu (played by Kannada actor Aditya) comes across as a nice person. Aditya‘s performance and characterization are among the highlights of this film. The conflict of this film is the introduction of the Anbu’s henchman. Too many close up shots bother and make him seem like a bigger threat than the antagonist. The tense moments in the film are accompanied by traditional styles of fade-in transitions, and a jarring background score. 
Another positive is the relationship Silambarasan shares with his father. It may seem forced but it’s definitely pleasing. Silambarasan delivers a performance that’ll surely find favour with his fans.  Hansika Motwani‘s character is easily among the dumbest we’ve seen sketched in recent films. She looks pretty though and performs well too. Her character requires validation from ‘Sharp’ (Silambarasan’s name in the film) for her looks, and doesn’t mind being ‘rated’ for it. Santhanam‘s funny one-liners work well. If only he was given a meatier presence.
The song ‘You’re My Darling‘ is peppy.  The catchy song is choreographed and shot well. The song where the hero pays a tribute to actor Ajith will go down well with the latter’s fans. 
Why you should watch this film:
If you’re a die-hard fan of Silambarasan and missed watching him on screen for three years, this one is for you. Don’t miss his sizzling chemistry with Hansika Motwani.