Have you ever imagined spending a day without verbal communication? Silent political protests, a couple who can’t argue, and most importantly no phone calls! If you’re trying to imagine the situation, then worry not! Balaji Mohan’s Vaayai Moodi Pesavum is here to unclog your mind.  Stay prepared to be transported in a land, filled with lively characters that will remind you of the Kamal Hassan-starrer Pesum Padam. It engages you and provokes your mind, yet this film suffers from one key problem – a slow narrative.
Unlike Pesum Padam which was a completely a silent film form, Vaayai Moodi Pesavum’s strengths come from its crisp and humorous lines backed with a second-half, sans dialogues. It’s refreshing to watch a film that isn’t supported by commercial elements. That means no item songs, no songs at the bar and no songs of a heartbreak.
The film’s first-half coasts along a light-hearted comedy, predominantly establishing each one of its characters. You see a self-proclaimed superstar. You see a clash between a fan club and protesters of the self-proclaimed superstar. You see a happy-go-lucky sales person with exceptional convincing skills, family whose problems are unconventional and not to forget, the portrayal of how news channels sensationalize their content.  Although, the pace of the film is slow, you’re convinced to ignore it because of its engaging characters. This key strength of the first-half, acts against the film’s second-half. Mainly because, the director tries to hurdle it with lengthy situations for each one of these characters.
Although her performance isn’t entirely the highlight of the film, it is good to see the ‘Roja’ girl back on the big screen. The scenes that feature Nazriya and Dulquer remind you of a love story between Rancho and Piya in 3 Idiots (played by Aamir and Kareena). Robo Shakar and Vijay’s timing is to look out for. The actors provide humor with their body language. Portrayed as a political satire, the scenes which feature Pandiraj provide quite a few laughs. Especially, in a mash-up video. But it is Dulquer Salman who makes a stellar debut performance. Much like his character Aravind, he charms his way through the entire film. Specifically in a scene where he tears-up after his sign of rejection. Cinematographer Soundarajan showcases the town of ‘Panimalai’ with beautiful visuals. Music director Sean Ronald proves his mettle in the second-half, where the film relied entirely on an engaging background score.
Why you should watch this film? 
After Kadhalil Sodapuvadhu Epudi, director Balaji Mohan has once again proved that the USP of the film is: simplicity. Watch it for the lead’s charming performance and some quick-witted humor.

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