We’ve seen several suspense thrillers in the past but, of late, only a few have been able to grab our attention.  May be because those films were neatly packaged, revealing suspense very gradually. But Vadacurry is a unique adventure-of-sorts, not only does it build your curiosity but it also throws in quite a few laughs. Leaving you completely entertained.

The film’s hero (Jai) is ambitious, committed and yet longs for a quick solution to solve his problems. He opts for a shortcut, combats the bad guys and thus begins the journey of a suspense thriller. You might even be able to spot the bad guy instantly, but that won’t stop you from watching this film. Perhaps that’s the charm that the film carries. Early on in the film, you see Satish (Jai) stumble and act clumsy to grab Naveena’s (Swathi) attention – an unusual set of events that lead to a love story, that crack you up. Jai’s body language is brilliant, and so is his performance. 
Back in the ‘80s and the early ‘90s, we have seen several stories that have been having influenced by the MGR mania. Those stories usually revolved around the good Robin Hood, curbing the rich-meets-poor social divide and singing praises of a good samaritan. But expecting a new age film to take reference by the legend seems almost implausible. However, debutant Saravana cleverly uses key reference points from the previous era, in a substantial thriller without making it seem redundant. 
Known for his cameo roles in movies, the popular RJ Balaji mouths sarcasm and funny one-liners in his style, providing a comic relief. In the film’s best scenes, you see the rival gang empathizing with the hero’s friend, shocking not only the gang leader, but also the audience. If there is one flaw in the film, then it is the repetitive lines that the characters speak, which might leave you a little baffled. The soulful music by debutantes Mervin-Vivek is also one of the highlights of the film, especially the number – Nenjukule Nee
Why should you watch this film?
Watch it for the film’s lead hero, comic scenes that’ll leave you in splits, the witty lines all packaged in a rock-solid script, Vadacurry will curb your hunger and leave you content.

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