Vai Raja Vai: Film Review – A semi-engaging plot that fizzes out too early

 In one of the scenes from the film, Gautham Karthik, Priya Anand and Taapsee just wander around the cruise ship, aimlessly, with a blank looks on their faces. A sense of sadness, confusion and restlessness is evident in them. And, that was exactly the expression of the audience while watching Vai Raja Vai.  In many ways, director Aishwarya Dhanush’s Vai Raja Vai could’ve been  an engaging heist-thriller.  But it clearly fails to be one! The problem with this film is that it is ill-conceived. Add to it a half-baked screenplay and underwhelming performances, and the movie comes across as silly.

The film begins on a serious note, by focusing on the life of a boy with psychic abilities. Although it did have a few logical loopholes, the film goes pretty smoothly and builds tension before the interval. And that’s when you begin to have confidence in the film. But we judged too soon! The story drifts and goes completely haywire in the second-half. What initially began as an interesting thriller, later turns out out be a disappointment.  The makers decided to cash in the promotions of their film only on one actor, and that is Dhanush. And they were right about their marketing strategy. Kokki Kumar a.k.a Dhanush’s appearance in the film stole all the whistles and applause. Dhanush was a firecracker on screen! Too bad his role was only a cameo.
The shots look shaky, and the camera angles are strange. The acting looks mostly rehearsed and dull. You’re often expecting for something mind-blowing to happen in the film, and hope that one of the characters delivers their best! But this never happens. Blame it on the actors and the flawed story. Of the leads, Daniel Balaji delivers a super performance as the antagonist, and Gautham Karthik mostly raises his eyebrows and tries to look intimidating and serious. Of the two leading ladies, Taapsee’s cameo is mildly enjoyable.

Why should you watch this film?
Overall, this film is an ambitious attempt, weighed down by bad writing. Watch this film if you want to catch a glimpse of Dhanush and if you’re a fan of heist-thrillers.

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