After delivering two very impressive films, Engaeyum Eppothum and Ivan Veramathiri, director M. Saravanan strikes back with Valiyavan. But unlike his previous film, there is very little to admire about this one. Valiyavan looks like a pilot episode of one of those gritty action-packed series that is willing to teach us something about determination. But with a vague plot, sluggish writing and a slow premise, the movie seems to be short of an engaging action-drama. 

Saravanan’s is known for his ability to bring out the earthiness and connect between two strangers. This in turn results in portraying very likable characters. By focusing on Jai and Andrea’s interactions, the filmmaker tries to deliver something similar. But misses the bulls-eye because the credibility of the characters is somewhere lost.
Andrea plays the role of a rich, independent and confident girl who has no qualms about dropping a stranger home safely or staying friends with a colleague much older to her. She also has a wardrobe filled with designer shoes and clothes (Promod, Claire’s), drives an Audi. Jai plays the a role of a marketing executive, who turns violent overnight! When Vinod (Jai) first begins practicing for the boxing match, he seeks help from several boxing champions, every time he trains under one you feel like there is special story coming out of this one. Sadly, this original writing doesn’t get too far. Another let down in this movie is that there is a song at the drop of a hat. 
The film attempts to be a revenge-drama, but the very theme and back story behind the revenge seems juvenile and laughable. Revealing further would be giving away spoilers! The story of this film baffles you and makes you wonder what the filmmaker is originally trying to focus on.  
In the end, the narration tells us that story of an underdog. An ordinary man and his will and determination to be an extraordinary person. A film that intends to showcase this, should eventually have stronger back story to support a fierce character like Vinodh (Jai).  Jai does his action sequences well, but puts a glum, expressionless face in the role of a boxer that’s hard to root for. 
When the posters of Valiyavan fist came out featuring Jai flaunting his six-pack abs, it looked like this is going to be an interesting watch. But the movie turned out to be completely opposite to what the posters promised. Yes, Jai did reveal his washboard abs, but the purpose of doing so failed to have my adrenaline pumping and rooting for an underdog!   
Why you should watch this film?
Valiyavan is a stylish film, with very good cinematography and some good background score. Watch it if you’re a fan of action films and if you’re an ardent fan of Jai. 

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