The introduction of our protagonist Santhanam is that of a mass hero; he dances to peppy numbers, is portrayed as an orphaned yet loving person to gain our sympathies, he flexes some muscles, jumps off a train and lands safe, jumps off a bridge and lands safe and not to forget, how he dodges himself from flying ‘Aruvas’ (Billhooks) in genuine Matrix style. By stating the facts, one must’ve figured how important a ‘mass’ entry has become as an identity for actors in Tamil Cinema, the same isn’t essential for all films. Especially films that launch supporting actors as solo heroes. 

Rajamouli has been a master writer and directed several films which have turned out to be trendsetters in cinema. One of his classic films that have been remade in several languages is Marayada Ramannan. This movie was special for one more reason, it launched comedian Sunil as a successful full-fledged hero. And this is a similarity of sorts in the Tamil version. As comedian Santhanam has featured as a lead hero in Valavunuku Pullum Ayutham however the guarantee for success seems restricted. Only because of reason, his mass hero style antics. In the recent past, we have seen funny man Sivakarthiyekeyan turn solo hero in Ethir Neechal and producer Udaynidhi turn hero for OK OK. The reason for the success of their films is: simplicity. The heroes dealt with everyday problems and situations combined with a considerable amount of drama. Perhaps Santhanam or director Srinath could’ve take a cue from the success of these films, if nothing else, the dance moves could’ve been choreographed in a way to suit the actor.
In spite of this, Santhanam still manages to deliver for the film in the area which is his forte – providing humor. A fun and engaging story like this deserves much praise; especially to the writer Rajamouli. Director Srinath has also incorporated some sequences which suit the Tamil audience. The characters are also one of the highlights of the film, well, except for one – the talking cycle which isn’t significant for the story. Not to forget the train sequences featuring Rajkumar as Raj is amusing at first but lags later. The rowdy brothers, the industrialist and the VTV Ganesh leave a lasting impression, adding much humor to the scene solely because of their expression. 
Why should you watch this film?
Watch this film for its enjoyable story line; the film’s perfectly-timed summer release makes it an enjoyable watch for children. Not to forget the funny one-liners by Santhanam. If only it could establish Santhanam as the simple, quick-witted charmer instead of a larger-than-life hero. 

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