Celebrating an actor’s biggest milestones has become a trend in Tamil cinema of late. And when an actor’s 25th film releases, he makes sure that he is portrayed as the ‘mass’ hero in a solid masala film. But Arya’s 25th film is different! He decided to do a comedy film which shows him as a happy-go-lucky guy- a character he’s played successfully before. He knows his strengths and this has worked in his favor. There’s no better place for such a character than director M. Rajesh’s Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga (VSOP). The director is known for providing a high humor quotient in his films. Boss Engira Bhaskaran that starred Arya served as proof of this.

Going by the trailer, it is easy to guess the story of this film: the hero (Arya) and his friend (Santhanam) are inseparable friends. Hero meets heroine (Tamannaah) and it’s love at first sight for him. Revealing the rest of the plot would be a spoiler. This is a familiar template adopted by films like OK OK and Boss Engira Bhaskaran. And rehashing all these elements with additional twists works to make this movie a solid entertainer! 
Like his previous films, director M. Rajesh’s VSOP is also replete with spontaneous humor. The filmmaker is great at his job. He uses a wafer-thin plot, adds loads to humor to his movie, a romantic angle, some foot-tapping numbers and a bit of sentiment, and voila! You get an entertaining film.
While the first half of the film is loaded with humor, the second-half has an emotional feel to it. But this doesn’t last for too long. The humor begins to set in again. One of the recurring elements in M. Rajesh’s films is women-bashing. The lead characters in his film are misogynist and sexist, and often get drunk just to speak about women. This theme is repeated here as well. This is clearly for the first-row audience to howl and whistle at. But thankfully, these sequences don’t go overboard. The director could have also avoided using disgruntled jokes about one’s physical appearance. Tamannaah’s performance is perfect for this film. She shows streaks of arrogance and looks pretty in the film. Actress Vidyullekha does what she’s told, but clearly, she’s okay with being the butt of all jokes.
Santhanam gives an effortless performance. He makes even the silly one-liners seem funny. The scene in which the lead actors take a dig at him is enjoyable. There he reveals the real struggle of coming up with jokes, witty one-liners and quick comic timing. Arya looks handsome, dances well and delivers a charming performance! His bro-mance with Santhanam will crack you up! The dialogue “Semma Kalai da…Semma Kalai da’’ is one of the highlights of their comic sequences.
The last few minutes also seem a little lengthy. Why drag a film of this genre, when you’re easily able to predict the film’s ending? Director M. Rajesh’s films always have a special provision for a cameo from a popular star, and this one is no different! Vishal’s zealous entry gives the second half an extra edge. D. Imman’s peppy tunes are perfect for this film. Nirav Shah’s cinematography makes the visuals look sleek.
Why you should watch this film:
Arya’s charismatic performance and Santhanam’s funny one-liners make this movie a hilarious roller-coaster ride! This may not be like the director’s previous films but this is definitely an entertaining watch. It is your ideal popcorn entertainer. Book now!