Velaikkaran: Film Review -Sivakarthikeyan Playing in the Big Leagues and Rightly So!

Verdict: An excruciatingly honest and educational eye-opener.

Kollywood is making its fair share of social drama themed movies and we are so glad for that. The highly awaited Sivakarthikeyan film that was rumored to have sold its theatrical rights for a whopping 36 crores to 24 AM studios is finally here and this underdog totally deserves all the buzz! The film tackles a very serious food-related issue and talks about the pathetic food habits presently eating up the nation. The film played to a sentimental angle successfully conveying the honest message to the audience.

What is Velaikkaran About:

The film revolves around Arivu (Sivakarthikeyan), an extremely righteous "do-gooder" from the slums of Kollekarapuram who has a passion for radio jockeying. He sets up his very own radio station and seeks to use this as a tool to better his people and home trying to reach out to everyone in his community. He tries to shame Kasi (Prakash Raj) who happens to be a glorified gunda leader. During all this, he meets Mrinalini (Nayanthara), a feminist who is mistaken for her views and opinions by the general public and together they embark on a journey to throw down a corporate food company whose products cause more harm than good. This fight brings them to Adhi (Fahadh Faasil) who puts Arivu and his morals in a fix.

What Works:

Velaikkaran is simple and modest. There aren't many fights and is a very heartwarming story. The social message is conveyed starkly, with no neutral ground which can be credited to the intensity of the message. The shots are brilliant and some of the camera work is appreciable. The fights are sequences almost perfectly with the background score. Music composer Anirudh Ravichander does a remarkable job with the songs as always! There is not much of a love angle or action angle and it primarily focuses on the message of the film.

What Could Have Been Better:

The storyline may have been slightly too righteous. The transition between the storylines was not all too great and it felt like it was going to too many places. The movie felt dragged during the second half.

Why You Should Watch This Film:

Well, it's the holiday season and what better way to spend it than with family and educating yourselves about important topics! The film is a great watch with the family this Christmas season or if you just want to go watch a film for the fun of it and be star struck by Sivakarthikeyan's stellar performance!

-By Nikita Fernandes

BMS Editor: