Occasionally in the life of a movie buff, you come across a film that is way beyond your understanding. Not because this film was exceptional, but because the film went beyond the norms of cinema. A kind of film that is backward and promotes wrong ideologies. A film that is long and imperfect, that is seems like a mega-serial. Here’s one such melodramatic film called Vennila Veedu. The film follows the life of a couple who get framed for robbery. Combining elements of family sentiment, power and a heavy dose of groundless research, this film is seems like it was written in a haphazard manner. 

The director, Vetri Mahalingam, places angles and shots that seem disturbing to the eye. This makes the scenes cringe-worthy. ‘’Indha full masam yennoda beautician adhelam vennam nu solirkanga, so vendam’’ (My beautician refrained me from cozying-up with you this month. So I won’t.) The dialogues suggest that the writer is reaching for an absurd level of mindless writing. This provides you with some unintended comedy. With illogical reasoning, a sketchy plot, topped by some terrible performances; you can’t help but feel how dreadful the film is. The performances seem over-the-top, except that of the drunken villager. But you lose faith in the film when you are unable to express empathy for the distressed couple; and the jarring music just makes things worse.
Why you should watch the film?
The plot intends to send a message to people about naïve behavior, ignorance and how one must never yield to temptation. This would’ve made sense, if the film had been portrayed in a meaningful manner. Nevertheless, this message might be received well by the rural audience. If you are looking to watch a film with message, then this one is for you. Otherwise, please skip this one.

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