Vikram Vedha: Film Review – A Nail-biting Cat-and-Mouse Game

Verdict: R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi make it hard to decide who is better.

Gangster films are not new to us. This is perhaps that one subject that we know will always have a clichéd storyline. How many gangster or crime thrillers can you remember while reading this? May be a few iconic films like Nayagan, Baasha, Pudhupettai, Pokkiri, Mankatha and Jigarthanda. Well! The list of best Tamil gangster films gets a new addition with Vikram Vedha. By the trailer and character intro teasers, we all know that the titular roles are played by R. Madhavan (Vikram) and Vijay Sethupathi (Vedha). But the title has a mythological significance. Remember the Vikram-Vedhal stories?

From the opening scenes itself, it is very clear that this is not a usual gangster film. What makes it different from a usual one? Let’s analyze. Vikram is an efficient cop who is in pursuit to catch the most-wanted gangster, Vedha. The successful encounter of Vedha’s henchmen prompts him to surrender to police. At first, Vikram thinks that Vedha’s survival instinct has forced him to surrender. During interrogation, Vedha narrates a story to Vikram. Vedha has already applied for anticipatory bail that helps him get out of the police custody. This makes Vikram suspicious about Vedha’s surrender. And when Vikram ask Vedha his purpose, he replies that I came here to just to tell you this story. Vikram cracks that Vedha’s story is actually an open challenge thrown to him. What follows is a set of such stories that Vedha narrates to Vikram and every story has a purpose. Will Vikram meet those purposes or Vedha is just playing games? The answer lies in a theatre near you.

With Oram Po and Va: Quarter Cutting, the writer-director duo Pushkar and Gayathri had made it clear that they are here to stay. And Vikram Vedha stands as testimony to their caliber. A rare cat-and-mouse game where the audience finds it difficult to figure out whether Vikram is a cat and Vedha is a mouse or vice-versa. It’s their screenplay that makes Vikram Vedha one of the finest gangster movies made in Tamil film industry. The dialogues are filled with sarcastic and black humor. All the scenes were realistic and yet so massy. The cinematography by P.S. Vinod is so damn impressive that it takes you virtually to those cinematic locations. Sam C.S music is the ideal add-on that makes the film more relishable. All the other technical department have done their job neatly.

Coming to the performance, the film is purely a label of R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi’s acting brilliance. They have completely nailed it. Not even for a second your eyes will blink when both of them are together. You can mark our words that over the years, Vikram & Vedha will be regarded as one of the iconic characters. When you have such towering performances, the supporting cast is bound to go unnoticed. But that’s not the case here. Shraddha Srinath, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Kathir and Hareesh Peradi manage to leave their mark. On a whole, this is a much-needed break for Tamil film industry.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Vikram Vedha is a rare piece of filmmaking that is guaranteed to impress the audience from all sections. And you if you are an R. Madhavan and a Vijay Sethupathi fan, you would have booked your tickets by now. So, make yourself free this weekend and meet Vikram-Vedha at a theatre near you.

Nitin Thomas: