Verdict: It’s a hattrick of blockbusters for the Ajith-Siva combo.

Almost after two years, Ajith is back to grace the silver screen with Vivegam. The highly anticipated and ambitious movie opened today. And right from the opening shot it is evident that Ajith is here to make up for his absence of two years. Ajay Kumar (Ajith Kumar) was once the head of a counter terror squad but due to some intense circumstances, he is now the most wanted criminal. The entire network of intelligence agencies are behind him as he has the hard drive that contains codes that can trigger the nuclear weapons, thus creating a man-made earthquake. His former teammates Aryan (Vivek Oberoi), Mike (Serge Crozon), Rachael (Amila Terzimehic) and Shawn (Arav Chowdharry) are assigned to track him down. Will they hunt him down or will he come out scot-free? Curious, right? Well! The answer lies in a theatre near you.
Vivegam - BookMyShowVivegam stays true to its genre. It’s a solid package of high voltage actions which are custom-made for Thala and are sure to give goosebumps, even if you are not his fan. Director Siva has raised the bar so high that undoubtedly, one can say that Vivegam is by far, technically, one of the best film made in Tamil cinema. His screenplay is a bit loose but he very smartly covers that up with mass dialogues, tender emotions between the husband-wife, and some incredible moments that pump up the excitement in the theatres. The cinematography by Vetri is another highlight. There are enough closeups shots of Thala which suits his larger-than-life image but at the same time the locations of Bulgaria and Eastern Europe are a visual feast for your eyes. The editing by Ruben is noteworthy as whenever you feel that the film is now dragging, his immediate cuts after that scenes will make you change your opinion. Anirudh's music adds a different layer to the narration. The songs and background music will make you either hum Surviva or Never Ever Give Up.

Thala Ajith has nailed the show completely. He has an impeccable screen presence that you will end up craving more. Kajal Aggarwal as Yazhini stimulates your emotions and all her scenes with Ajith shows the sweet bond between a husband and wife. Akshara Haasan as Natasha, though has a minimum screen time, comes in a crucial point and manages to leave her mark. Vivek Oberoi as an antagonist has set new standards. Don’t be surprised if you see him more often in Tamil cinema. The rest of the cast also doesn’t disappoint. Thanks to Thala's mighty show.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The film is celebration of Thala Ajith’s 25-year-long career and it couldn’t have been better than Vivegam. If you are a fan, you don’t need this review. But we are sure you won’t mind repeated viewings. And for those who are not his fans, if you have enjoyed Ajith-Siva’s previous outing Veeram & Vedalam, then trust us, you can’t afford to miss it. So, what are waiting for? Get Ready to Rage and book your tickets right away.
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