Apart from showcasing turning heads in 360 degrees and gory scenes, there is a primary problem with horror films nowadays. The problem is a repeated storyline in all these films – a vengeful witch. Remember the times when your mother would try to calm your adamant and wretched behavior by recalling a scary folktale? The only result of her resilient effort is you staying calm for a minute, after which you went back to throwing tantrums? Directed by Deekay, Yamiruka Bayamey is one such story. And far from being deemed as a horror-comedy film, everyone involved endorse it to be one.

Working around the same premise of most horror films; here you have the spirit of a dead girl trying to drive off the new residents of her haunted mansion. Thus begins the story of an unimaginative horror tale. With an overload of characters and few heavily exaggerated scenes, the first-half of the film gives takes leads us to a slow narrative. While the second-half does promise some thrills it lacks the originality. It is heavily inspired from several movies which showcased this theme namely: Ishq, Kanchana. If you thought this wasn’t enough, the movie possesses scenes that have loose ends; which in turn add to an already dragging narrative.
A horror movie is supposed to give us several spine-chilling moments with characters that shock us, resulting in the experience of watching a scary film but this one does it partially. With its discomforting one-liners, the Horror-Comedy genre can easily be renamed as a sex-comedy. Therefore, leaving you with nervous and forced chuckles. At the end of it all it does convince you, but only in parts.
Why you should watch this film?
The only reason you should watch this film is for Karunakaran’s performance as the timid yet spunky hotel manager. At the end of it all, you wish this movie focused more on the ghastly horror elements.

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