Remember watching Hollywood action films with Tamil voice overs? Well, Ravi K. Chandran’s first film as a director, is something like that. Hollywood meets India meets Ekta Kapoor in this film, which makes you look at your watch every few minutes.In recent times, there has been a rise in the number of Hollywood-inspired films in Tamil cinema. First, it was Arima Nambi, then Irumbu Kuthirai and now, Yaan joins the list.

Yaan revolves entirely around the protagonist and how he lands himself in a crisis. There is the redundant romantic track between Tulasi and Jiiva with some predictable scenes. The first half of Yaan, simply made me Yawn!

But the same can’t be said about the second-half. It is brisk, racy and keeps you hooked. However, these elements don’t fully stay till the end. This is because of long, high-flawed and unintentionally funny scenes. A special mention to the scene where Jiiva takes on the ‘undertaker’ jailer. And also, the scene where Malik speaks in Tamil at his swearing-in ceremony, in front of the Arab crowd.

Meanwhile, Malik is also a most-wanted terrorist who has an Ekta Kapoor sitcom-inspired backstory. Who would’ve predicted the generous inclusion of the Indian element in the script? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the visual presentation of this movie. Ravi K. Chandran’s influence is reflected on its camera work and makes the shots seem stunningly picturesque. Harris Jeyaraj’s music leaves you with the "I’ve heard this before" feeling too.

Why you should watch this film?
Watch this film for its visually stunning scenes and for the thrill chase sequences.

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