Sometimes directors try too hard to deliver a comedy and that’s Yatchan’s biggest flaw. The movie manages some forced laughs, but most of the jokes have already been heard, and most of the comic performances, entirely lacking in originality. The film manages to keep you from being bored, but it definitely is not the kind of film you’d want to watch again.

Vishnuvardhan’s Yatchan follows the intertwined lives of its two male leads – Arya and Kreshna. Arya, who essays the role of Thoothukudi Chinna, is so predictable in almost every scene, it’s almost like he’s been lifted directly out of some of his previous roles. Kreshna, as Pazhani Karthik, is surprisingly original, and walks away with most of the accolades. Deepa Sannidhi proves her mettle as a female lead, and we’re now convinced she’s here to stay. Swati Reddy, as always, lights up the screen with her presence and delivers some great scenes with perfect comic timing, often outdoing the over-hyped male leads.

This film is funny in terms of the narrative, but the performances leave much to be desired. That said, this is definitely a film that would work in any industry, probably with more seasoned comedy talent.

The music in Yatchan is particularly good. The background score and most of the songs are peppy and keep the movie going even when the acting fails you miserably. Kaakaponnu is definitely a song worthy of all the buzz it’s been getting.

Arya needs to reinvent himself as an actor and Vishnuvardhan needs to stop casting him if he isn’t too sure what to do with him. There are too many similarities to Arindhum Ariyaamalum and Sarvam and that isn’t a very nice thing to say for either the actor or the director.

The second half of the movie is infinitely more entertaining than the first half, but don’t expect anything out of the world. Just stay back to see what really happens to the characters in this beautifully imagined but badly narrated tale. Oh and yes, if you are an Ajith fan, then the film deifies ‘thala’ for perfect satisfaction. Watch the film to find out why.

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
It will make for good time-pass with friends, and will be an amazing background to conversations you might want to have in the theatre otherwise.

By L Romal M Singh