Tamil cinema has witnessed several romantic-comedies in the recent past. The movies that belong to this genre primarily deal with: love at first sight, tiffs and parents opposition as a conflict. A key element that makes the films of this genre work is because of its heart-warming feel it provides for the audience. But Yennamo Yedho proves to be an exception. Remake of 2011 Telugu superhit film Ala Modalaindi, Yennamo Yedho fails to deliver, proving it to be a mindless rom-com.

Directed by Ravi Thyagarajan, the film revolves around Gautam (Gautham Karthik) and Nithya (Rakul Preet) who meet at unlikely events and become friends. Needless to say, their friendship grows into love. Trouble strikes paradise when the two don’t reveal their love for each other. 
What is it with formulaic love stories in Tamil cinema? You have the couple not confessing their love for each other – the key reason for the lengthy film. You have the lead pair who don’t seem to acknowledge each other’s feelings – The scene where the motionless Gautam doesn’t seem to respond to an over-enthusiastic couple. You have a doting mother who passes away – much like M. Kumar s/o Mahalakshmi. You also have several artists wearing a pink shade of lipstick (including male actors) mouthing clichéd and uninteresting dialogues. The film also has duet numbers, a revenge song that pop up at the blink of an eye. The film’s lead pair come across as puppets who display no sense of passion to their role. After a dream debut of starring in Mani Ratnam’s Kadal, you wish the lead actor takes on other interesting projects too! But it looks like Gautam Karthik is potentially wasted in this meaningless drama.
Why should you watch the film?
The only sequence that draws your attention is the fight sequence between Prabhu and Gautham. Only Prabhu as the thug-turned-funny man delivers anything that resembles a performance. Too silly, too intrusive and too dumb, Yenamo Yedho will test your patience and aggravate your headache into a migraine.

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