Lotsa thrill. Lotsa chases and powerful action sequences! This psychological thriller has all the elements that makes it one of the good movies to watch this weekend.

Directed by Sukumar and starring the exuberant Mahesh Babu, this film tells the tale of Gautam – A Rockstar who cannot really differentiate between reality and fantasy. Thanks to a certain accident during his childhood. The film starts off with a bang – A song, a high-speed chase and a super action sequence. Enter Sameera, the journalist, played by Kriti Sanon.

The film moves back-and-forth in random ways. Not like that of memento but in a completely different way altogether. The difference – The depiction of Reality vs. Fantasy that goes hither and tither. The way the film has been shot is quite exquisite, to say the least. Be it the locations, the acting, the choreography, the action sequences and the overall execution. From the word go, this film will keep you hooked.

The first half of the film will have you a teeny-bit confused. The film goes in circles because of the character’s persona, but overall, though a little hazy, is fun to watch. Some of the scenes will make you grip your seats while some will make you fall off, laughing. You will see a bit of Jason Bourne in Gautam’s character. His identity issue to the way he tackles the bad guys. The end of the first half will leave you with a wry yet “I need to watch the second half, NOW” feeling.

The second half is better than the first for sure. The story develops even further and has the inclusion of new and interesting characters. The story takes a whole new twist as the end approaches. A twist that will leave you with a wide-open jaw!

The film’s story line, though slightly predictable, is pretty solid. The execution of the film was top-notch. Mahesh Babu did a stupendous job, as always. His character was bay far one of the most difficult characters to play but he managed it with ease. Kriti Sanon brought a lot of oomph and glamor quotient to the film. Though her acting wasn’t brilliant, it is safe to say that she did a pretty decent job.

The music, however, was a letdown. The soundtrack wasn’t really impressive. Overall the film is pretty good to watch. Good cinematography, lovely action sequences and lots of thrill!  The film, however, was a little too long and could have been cut-short giving the audience literally no breathing space (In a good way). 

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