Verdict: An intelligently made new-age psychological/suspense thriller.

16 – Every Detail Counts is the dubbed version of superhit Tamil movie Dhuruvangal PathinaaruChadalvada brothers, who earlier tasted huge success with the dubbed movie Bichagadu, have come up with 16 this time. It also marks the debut for writer-director Karthick Naren, who is famous for his short movies. The only known face in this flick is Rahman and the rest are newcomers. The theatrical trailer has generated enough curiosity among the audience.
The movie opens up with the murder of Krish (Vinod Varma) and Shruti (Yaashika Anand) in an apartment on a rainy night, five years ago. It then moves to the present, where Deepak (Rahman) is a retired police officer, who has lost his leg in an accident. He receives a call from his friend whose son (Ashwin Kumar) is adamant on becoming a police officer. The friend wants Deepak to explain the ill-effects of joining the force. As the son meets Deepak, he asks him about his leg. Deepak then starts explaining the incidents leading to his accident.

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Five years ago, on the same night of the murder, three young men named Praveen (Santosh Krishna), Madhan (Karthikeyan) and Mano (Praveen) ran over someone with their car and realized that the victim is dead. They decided to keep the body in their car trunk and dispose it off the next day. Deepak is assigned the task of solving this case and finding the culprits of both the incidents that occurred on the same night. Gautham (Prakash Vijayaraghavan) is a new constable and joins Deepak in solving this case.  With many mind-boggling twists and turns, this thriller keeps you hooked.
Writer-director Karthick Naren has redefined storytelling with his intelligent screenplay and he succeeds in keeping the audience glued to the edge of their seats until the climax. The twists and turns are revealed from time to time and the film ends with a spine-chilling twist that no one can imagine. We hope this wonder kid creates more wonders on the silver screen. Editing and cinematography by the Sarang brothers took this movie to the next level. Jakes Bejoy’s music and background score added more value to this film, which has no songs.

Why you should watch this movie:

If you are a fan of psychological suspense thrillers with umpteen twists and turns, this one is for you. You will witness a new-age intelligent movie, where each and every detail counts.
— By Ajay Mudunuri