Verdict: Bold and yet subtle with a good underlying message.

With as many as half a dozen Telugu movies hitting the screens today, 24 Kisses has already created a sense of curiosity among the audience with its trailer and posters. Directed by the Nandi Award-winning director, Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty, 24 Kisses is touted to be a romantic entertainer that caters largely to the youth. Ayodhya Kumar trying his hand at a love story, especially after Minugurulu, has taken many by a surprise. Adith Arun and Hebah Patel play the lead roles while Rao Ramesh, Aditi Myakal and Naresh fill in the supporting cast.

What’s 24 Kisses About:

Anand Kumar (Adith Arun) is a filmmaker who makes films for kids. Sri Lakshmi (Hebah Patel) is a student who is learning the art of film-making. They meet at a film screening and instantly connect. Though Anand believes in love, he does not have much faith in the institution of marriage or any interest in having children. Eventually, conflict erupts between the couple. How they re-unite forms the rest of 24 Kisses.

What Works:

One could envisage a striking resemblance between the Anand’s character and director Ayodhya Kumar, especially in the aspects of filmmaking and his passion to showcase the issues of children. In fact, there is a scene which depicts the sections of Ayodhya Kumar’s Minugurulu as one of the movies made by Anand Kumar. The refreshing aspect of 24 Kisses is the director’s subtle approach to a bold subject and his ability to transfuse the underlying message regarding the kids who are victims of malnutrition. Joi Barua’s music immensely helps the movie seem poetic and reveal the psychological workings of a couple while in a relationship. Uday Garulla’s camera work is a treat to eyes. Every frame of 24 Kisses is layered with finesse and has given a whole new dimension to the movie which you can really appreciate on the big screen. Since the director is a part of the production as well, every penny that was spent translates evidently on the screen.

Adith Arun excels in an author-backed role and Hebah Patel has given her career-best performance. The chemistry between the lead pair is sublime and their confusion and dilemmas have been presented quite well. Rao Ramesh, Aditi Myakal and Naresh are good and as is the rest of the cast.

What Could Have Been Better:

While the movie scores high in technical aspects, it runs at a rather slow pace, which may not be for everyone, especially the masses.

Why You Should Watch:

24 Kisses is a class movie with a bold theme and a good message. This rare blend of a love story and a message in the script is one of its kind in Telugu cinema and one should give it a try for its novel factor.