In the last five years, we have seen a trend of high-budget, star-powered, action-comedy movies some of which became blockbuster hits. But, we also saw the evolution of poorly-scripted, comedy-filled, mish-mashes that filled the gaps between hits. Aagadu epitomizes the trend of the poor entertainers of the decade with its tirade of speed dialogues, cacophonous music, hyped-up trailers and run-of-the-mill plots. It is a farce stretched too thin.

Essentially, the story is of a cop ‘encounter’ Shankar (Mahesh Babu) who has both professional and personal reasons to see the downfall of a villain Dhamodar (Sonu Sood). If the story sounds mundane, wait till you hear its plot.

The film begins with a promising storyline. Soon after, the Hero enters, a fight ensues and then a song follows. Oh, throw in an Indian flag somewhere there. Now the Hero meets the sexy Heroine (with a fan in her face, and her hair flying perpetually) and the bad guys who appear according to their chain of command. What follows is a series of comedy scenes involving the Hero and the Heroine, and then some with the Hero, and the bad guys who also backup as comedians. The Hero proves to be unintentionally funny in these scenes that it seems almost insistent. Every scene in the film seems like his introduction scene. Add a few songs where the Heroine amply shows her belly and thighs. Finally comes a scene that picks the story up just before the interval.

In the second-half, you have the Hero literally moving in with the villain. There are scenes that are not serious but absurdly comic. These test the ability of every serious villain in the movie to act like a buffoon at the drop of a hat. Now throw in the comedian Brahmanandam as the unwitting victim of the Hero’s mind games. The movie ends with the hero beating the crap out of the villain and his goons in a final show of muscle which he could have done fifteen minutes into the movie.

Does the plot sound eerily familiar to nearly every star-driven movie you have watched in the last five years?

Mahesh Babu was less than his charming self in the movie. In the second-half, he becomes nothing but an appendage to the run-of-the-mill comedy scenes between Brahmanandam and the villains. The blaring music was the kind that could give one an earsore.

Why should you watch this film?

Only if you need to hold the record that you’ve seen all of Mahesh Babu’s films, go and watch the movie. But do follow Mahesh’s advice in the movie and stick a pair of plugs into your ears before you enter the theater.

By Kiran Relangi

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