Verdict: Ram Gopal Varma largely succeeds in telling the story.

Given the movies he has been making, the once maverick director, Ram Gopal Varma, is synonymous with controversies. One such movie among the controversy list that stands tall is his latest release – Amma Rajym Lo Kadapa Biddalu. With all the characters of the movie bearing a striking resemblance to politicians of Andhra Pradesh, the movie has struck a chord with everyone who follows politics closely in the Telugu states.

What’s Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu About:

The movie begins with the humiliating defeat faced by the current opposition party, VDM, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Unable to digest the electoral results, Babu (Dhananjay Prabhune) and his party members hatch a plan along with his son Chinna Babu (Dheeraj) to overthrow the ruling party by creating troubles near the capital city. How the ruling party leader, Jagannadha Reddy (Ajmal Ameer), and his party hit back at their dirty tricks forms the crux of Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu.

What Works:

The most happening director with the highest number of controversies is now back with his yet another fictitious political movie, Amma Rajym Lo Kadapa Biddalu. The characters he has chosen to portray the current generation of politicians suited to the tee. Not just did they look similar, they got into the skin of their respective characters. While Dheeraj as Lokesh, Dhananjay as Chandrababu, Ajmal as Jagan, and Ali as Speaker Tammineni stole the limelight, Brahmanandam, Kathi Mahesh, Swapna, Jaffar Babu and other have done complete justice to the roles they have portrayed. Though Ram Gopal Varma and his filmmaking process have changed over time, he knows exactly how to grab the audience’s attention by choosing the right scripts that generate curiosity. The music by Ravi Shanker, cinematography by Jagadeesh Cheekati and Anwar Ali’s editing are adequate.

What Could Have Been Better:

If one follows the current political happenings in Andhra Pradesh, they may not be able to relate to what Ram Gopal Varma had to showcase in this movie. It may seem controversial with respect to the image of the politicians.

Why You Should Watch:

It is a fictional account of the recent politics happening in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Through Amma Rajym Lo Kadapa Biddalu, Ram Gopal Varma has succeeded in weaving different takes on the current state of politics in Telugu-speaking states.