Anamika (Telugu): Film Review – Nayantara’s exemplary acting and Sekhar Kammula’s gripping screenplay

Anamika, the remake of the thriller film – Kahaani, had already started garnering a lot of talk before the release. A lot of expectations rode on this film, and Anamika did not disappoint.

For the people who have watched the film – Kahaani, this may not thrill you as much, but as a standalone film (or if you haven’t watched Kahaani), this film is one of the most-brilliant thrillers that Telugu Cinema shall see. The movie rides on 2 factors – Nayantara’s exemplary acting and Sekhar Kammula’s gripping screenplay!
Anamika is not an out-and-out copy of Kahaani, and director – Sekhar Kammula has added quite a few twists and turns along the way. The first-half of the film is slow and can leave you with a dry taste. The narration is slow and will make you want to doze of during certain parts. The second-half of the film is where the fun begins. Nail-biting, edgy and crazy, to say the least. The story picks up quickly – one incident leading into another. And the more the story unfolds, the more stunned you get. The climax is nothing short of brilliant! A climax that will send chills down your spine.
Nayantara was at the top of the acting chain in this one. She was the highlight of the film and emoted well. Vaibhav Reddy, the sympathetic police officer has also played a superb role in the film. Pretty much all the other actors did their job with utmost ease. Production-wise, this film’s picturisation will stun you! Keeravani’s music was well-done. The soundtrack was well-composed and fit perfectly with the film. Overall, a superb film to watch.
By Sharada Kumar

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