Verdict: Powerful performances and a strong technical crew make this film a must-watch.

Young director Sankalp Reddy has is certainly keeping up with his impressive streak with Antariksham 9000KMPH after making his debut with The Ghazi Attack – the first underwater submarine drama in Telugu. His writings clearly indicate that his emphasis is to give the viewers something that they have never seen before. On the other hand, Mega Prince Varun Tej has created a niche for himself in his selection of scripts. Be it Kanche, Fidaa, Tholi Prema or the recent Antariksham, he has always sworn by sensible and good scripts. With the backing of Krish, who has time and again proven that he’s a one-of-a-kind talent who doesn’t shy away from breaking the formulaic space and yet giving us meaningful commercial movies, Antariksham for sure has gained the much-deserved momentum before its release. Let’s see if they stood up to the hype.

What’s Antariksham 9000KMPH About:

Mihira, an Indian satellite goes out of control and is on the verge of colliding with other satellites in space. This could result in a global blackout. To avoid this, ISRO sends Dev (Varun Tej) and three other people on a manned mission. Dev and his team successfully handle the situation but Dev has a dark past with his own satellite, Viprayaan, and starts taking ill decisions to fix the problem. How Dev succeeds in this unplanned mission by convincing his fellow astronauts forms the rest of Antariksham 9000KMPH.

What Works:

It is certain that Telugu movies are marking a revival of the industry’s golden era of story-telling. While the Baahubali series has made the global media look up to Telugu cinema, Antariksham 9000KMPH seemed to be a wake-up call again. Varun Tej is perfect as the astronaut and makes a sound landing into the space zone with Antariksham. There’s no weak link in the entire cast, as all the characters are etched to perfection. While the plot continues to be gripping, Sankalp Reddy’s writing and screenplay ensure that the pace is maintained throughout. Gnanasekhar’s camerawork is laced with wonderful visuals, especially in the scenes involving outer space. Prashanth Vihari’s background score makes you feel like you are in space. In totality, the technical crew is successful in taking the viewers to an expedition with this tethering space adventure.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The movie tends to be a tad slow at times. But the makers deserve a round of applause for sticking to the plot without infusing any unwanted scenes just for the sake of it.

Why You Should Watch:

Antariksham 9000KMPH is a path-breaking tale of an inevitable human spirit that appeals to every section of the audience. Watch it for a cinematic marvel!