Verdict: Naga Shaurya excels in his action avatar in Aswathama.

Aswathama, starring Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Kaur Pirzada in the leading roles, is directed by debutante Ramana Teja. This is the third movie by Naga Shaurya’s production house ‘Ira Creations’ after Chalo and Narthanasala. While Chalo went on to become a blockbuster hit, Narthanasala left bitter memories. This time around, they are ready to go strong with Aswathama and the theatrical trailer cut clearly indicates that Naga Shaurya is set to come out of his lover boy image. With the actor providing the story as well, Aswathama carries a positive vibe with decent expectations. Let’s see if Naga Shaurya is able to pull it off well.

What’s Aswathama about:

Gana (Naga Shaurya) returns from the US for his sister’s Priya’s engagement. However, Priya attempts suicide after finding out that she is pregnant. Scared, she reveals to her brother that she has not engaged in a consensual sexual encounter so the pregnancy could only have been conceived in her unconscious state. A subsequent investigation to the case reveals that there are several other women mysteriously disappearing. While the antagonist continues his psychotic and malicious streak, Gana tracks him down to put an end to the madness.

What Works:

Naga Shaurya succeeds in a complete makeover from his lover boy image. The action episodes and sentimental scenes are both delivered well. His presence doing the investigative scenes is notable. Mehreen Kaur Pirzada complements him well even in her limited presence. Jisshu Sengupta, who plays the antagonist, gets into the skin of his character. Prince Cecil and Posani Krishna Murali are also decent in their parts.
Debutant director Ramana Teja succeeds in telling his story right without any deviations. The actual plot starts within 10 minutes and then there is no looking back. The screenplay is tight and Ghibran’s background score elevates the bar. The music album by Sricharan Pakala is soothing as well. Manojh Reddy gets the visuals right and Gary is perfect in the editing department. The stunt choreography by Anal Arasu is great and the production design stands tall.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While Aswathama is packaged as a commercial thriller with entertaining elements, there are several scenes that seem repetitive and redundant.

Why You Should Watch:

Aswathama is Naga Shaurya’s first attempt at thriller and he nails it. He is good in all the action episodes and successfully shreds his loverboy image. You may watch it if you wish to see Naga Shaurya in a new avatar or if you are a fan of the genre.