Verdict: A simple romantic comedy that will entertain you.

Chalo stars Naga Shaurya and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles and has been produced by Usha Mulpuri under the banner Ira creations. Written and directed by newcomer Venky Kudumula, the music for the movie has been given by Mahati Swara Sagar. The cinematographer is Sai Sriram and the editing has been done by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.


Hari is an engineering student who enjoys getting into fights. Beating or getting beaten up is fun for him. In an attempt to rid him of his violent behavior, his parents send him off to a village called Tiruppuram and the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border falls right in the middle of this village. The villagers are at loggerheads with each other due to their pride of regional identities. In the middle of all this, Hari falls in love with Karthika who turns out to be the Tamil leader’s daughter. In a bid to get married to his love, Hari decides to stop the war between the Tamilians and Andhra people of Tiruppuram. To know how he does this, go watch Chalo.

Chalo Movie Still - BookMyShowWHAT WORKS: 

The movie’s biggest plus point is the music. The songs are great and the background track elevates the moods in the movie, be it violent, comic or romantic. Naga Shaurya and Rashmika both do a decent job and are greatly supported by the entire ensemble, especially Satya, Viva Harsha and Mime Gopi. The cinematography lights up the screen with beautiful colors. The editing is crisp and helps the movie maintain a good pace even in the slower parts. The director has come up with a new and novel backdrop for talking about regional wars. The first half is quite funny and goes by with a tight screenplay and leaves a lot more to be anticipated. Certain dialogues are proof of Venky Kudumula’s good writing.


Chalo has the potential to take unforeseen paths but it doesn't. The second half seems a little slower compared with the story not moving ahead. The pre-climax scenes could have been a bit better.


Chalo is, without a second thought, a good entertainer. It makes for a good one time watch. It shows the repercussions of being violent and also talks against building walls between people based on regions or languages, although subtly. Watch this with your family this weekend, we recommend.

By Jeevani Sammeta