While watching this movie, I got to wondering what makes a movie just an average fare. Well, it can’t be the storyline – at least not in this case. With an offbeat story of a 40-year-old banker and his grown-up son wooing the same girl, the movie should have been bursting with life. But it isn’t. Why did it turn out so lackluster? Can it be the stereotypical wife? The wife of the banker is such a stereotype that she almost becomes an exception in real world. She is the same old suffering, ultra-religious housewife and devoted mother that we’ve been seeing since the birth of cinema. Unfortunately, Indraja has been wasted in a poor role.

On the other hand, the performances were notable. As a disgruntled banker, Ajay brings his role to life. It is refreshing to see him in this role after having watched him portray a rapist, a murderer, a don, and a goon in the past. However, his role could have been better etched by the writers. Though we know he is dissatisfied with life and that he feels like his youth has been wasted, we don’t get to see how he really feels about it until the climax. And by then, it’s easy to lose interest in him. Also, it is never clear whether he loves the girl or simply lusts after her.

Naga Shourya looks good as an 18-year-old student and his emotional scenes in the second half bring life into the character. But his character itself is a flat two-dimensional image just like the character of the heroine to which Sana’s acting brought some chirpiness.

By the second half, the answer struck me. It was the way the movie was getting my expectations up and, almost immediately, failing it. The movie began in good spirits and just when I thought it was going to pick up more speed, it lost steam and drifted into a different direction. And it kept doing that over and over again. In the second half, it would waver between the son and the father not really focusing on a character for long enough. For a moment towards the end of the movie, I sat up and thought ‘Oh boy! My patience is being rewarded!’ (can’t reveal the scene without spoiling the story for you). But two scenes later, the story rushed towards its climax. And with many stories revolving around a moral dilemma, this one ends on an expected note as well.

The rose petals visual lifted from American Beauty is downright offensive to film buffs. Not for its content, but because the comparison is not worthy. Even if both the movies share a similar storyline, the screenplay made all the difference in the original.

Why should you watch this film?
This film isn’t bad. The story is filled with humor. The performances were good. This weekend, while all other theatres are running houseful, you can take time out and watch this movie.

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