Verdict: A horror comedy flick that worked in parts.

Dora, starring Sathyaraj and Sibiraj, is a dubbed version of the Tamil film, Jackson Durai, that released simultaneously in Telugu. It’s been directed by Dharani Dharan, who made his debut with Burma. Let’s see if he was able to put his finger on the pulse of the audience with Dora.

Sibiraj plays an undercover cop (Sathya), who is given the task of investigating a house at Dharmapuri village that has been haunted by ghosts for several years. He meets the Panchayat chief of Dharmapuri and gets all the information related to the haunted house. Meanwhile, he falls in love with the chief’s daughter Vijji (Bindu Madhavi) and conveys this to her father. Veera (Karunakaran) is the niece of the chief and objects to their marriage. The chief then comes up with a test for Sathya and Veera- whoever will come out alive after staying at the haunted house for seven days will get to marry his daughter. Will Sathya and Veera come out alive? Who will marry Vijji? Who is Dora and what is his story? Who are the real ghosts? To know the answers to all these questions, one has to watch Dora.

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Sibiraj as the main protagonist, played his role to perfection. He was good throughout the movie. Karunakaran was apt for his role and all the comedy scenes worked big-time. Sathyaraj as Dora is the main character in this flick and his makeup as the ghost is praise-worthy. Bindu Madhavi looked glamorous and has done justice to her role. Zachary Coffin as the British protagonist excelled in his performance. Naan Kadavul Rajendran as another ghost was able to add some comedy to the film. Rest of the cast is adequate.

Dharani Dharan is the writer and director for this flick and has succeeded in both the departments. Though, he should have concentrated more on the basics of the plot that go beyond one’s imagination, especially in the later half. Music and background score by Siddharth Vipin are the major plus points for this film. He was able terrify the audience with his background score. Cinematography by Yuvraj is excellent. He was able to capture the night effects in a very effective manner. All the frames looked rich as well. Vivek Harshan’s editing was terrific.

The major drawback for this flick is the drama between the ghosts, which may be very difficult to digest for the common man.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

You may like this movie if you are a hardcore fan of horror comedy flicks. Also, one could wish to see both Sathyaraj and Sibiraj (father-son) sharing screen space. If you do not look for logic, you will be highly entertained by the comedy in this film. 

— By Ajay Mudunuri