Verdict: A decent love story with a crime twist.

Ego, starring Aashish Raj Bidkikar, Simran Sharma and Diksha Panth in lead roles, has been written and directed by RV Subramanyam and produced by brothers K.R. Anil Karan, Kaushal Karan and Vijay Karan under the banner VKA Films. The music and background score has been rendered by Sai Kartheek while the cinematography has been handled by G.K. Prasad. The title Ego has an interesting aspect where it also stands for the character names of the lead pair in the movie, Indu and Gopi. Edited by Siva Y. Prasad, the art department has been handled by R.K.Reddy and stunts are composed by Nandu. We also have Prithvi, Rao Ramesh, Kyra Dutt and Ajay among the rest of the cast. The theatrical trailer and the television advertisements have created a decent buzz surrounding this flick. Let’s see what is in store for the audience watching Ego.

Ego Telugu Movie Still - BookMyShowWhat’s Ego About:

Gopi (Aashish) and Indu (Simran) are two egoistic people who quarrel for petty things. They stay with their families in a small town named Amalapuram. To teach Gopi a lesson, Indu decides to get married to a doctor. And Gopi decides to leave for Hyderabad to find a better girl than Indu. Under mysterious circumstances, Gopi gets accused of a crime that he has not committed and is arrested for the murder of a girl named Purvi. The rest of story is all about how Gopi finds the real culprits behind the murder and also how both Gopi's and Indu's families put aside their egos and accept their love.

What Works:

Ego has commercial elements and is entertaining throughout. The chemistry between Ashish and Simran worked well and the way they transform from egoistic attitude to falling in love is well conceived. Ajay looks terrific in the cop role and Pruthvi is hilarious throughout. Rao Ramesh is good in his act, especially in the last 15 minutes where the twist is revealed. The rest of the cast is apt in the roles they portrayed. The writing and direction are commendable for its entertaining factors. The music and background score gel well with the flow of the movie and cinematography is good. The editing is crisp and neat. The production values are grand for a small budget flick.

What Could Have Been Better:

Given the budget of the movie, Ego is a simple movie but once you are in, you will not get bored.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch Ego if you are a fan of regular commercial Telugu entertainers. It has all the commercial ingredients and can easily be watched with friends and family over the weekend.

By Ajay Mudunuri