Verdict: A decent emotional entertainer!

There is a sentiment across Tolly heroes related to their seventh movie where all the current star’s seventh movie are super hits. And now it is Aadi’s turn with his seventh venture. Let’s see how it turned out.
The movie starts with an interesting flashback revolving around Varalababu (Aadi) and Ravi’s (Chaitanya Krishna) family. Though Varalababu is being touted as a prankster and always compared with an over-obedient Ravi, this irritates Varalahari often. Ravi grows up to be a software engineer at Hyderabad and Varalababu remains a mischievous son. Frustrated with comparisons, Varalababu also moves to Hyderabad challenging his family that he will become successful. While in search of a job, Varalababu meets Sameera (Adah Sharma) and falls in love at first sight. Though Sameera rejects him initially, she ends up falling in love with him after a series of incidents. Now there is a twist in the tale of who Sameera is and the actual reason for Varalababu to come to Hyderabad. What happens when Varalababu sees Ravi and why Varalababu pretends to be Ravi to convince his parents? The emotional give and take between the father and the son worked big time.

Casting seemed apt and Aadi delivers a very mature performance, and excels in both dance and fight sequences. Chaitanya Krishna, as Ravi, did justice to his role. Naresh is a surprise quotient of this movie, who delivers an award winning performance as Ravi’s father. Thanikella Bharani, Adah Sharma, Shakalaka Shankar and Madhu have done a commendable job. Not to forget, Brahmanandam is back in form as a spoof of PK and Mr. Gooogle and his dialogues are worth mentioning. The technical teams have excelled in their respective departments. Music by Agastya is top notch and cinematography is good, especially in songs. Screenplay in flashback episodes is praise-worthy, and has worked well for the movie. Editing is decent. Production values are mediocre. Direction by Madan is good in parts. Good emotions, hilarious comedy scenes, melodious songs and good acting by all leading star cast make this movie a good watch. You will definitely not get bored.
There were several examples before in the history of Indian cinema, however good your product be, they might not end up reaching audiences, if not publicized properly. Here’s hoping that it gets good publicity and with a good word of mouth, should emerge successful. The ‘seven’ luck factor for Tolly superstars is seeming to remain intact. However it is unsure why an emotional movie is being named "Garam". Maybe because it showcases the character of the hero.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you are interested in an emotional roller-coaster ride, go grab your tickets for this flick, you will not be disappointed. A must watch for Aadi fans!

– By Ajay Mudunuri