George Reddy: Film Review – Raise Your Voice

Verdict: George Reddy is a brave attempt by B Jeevan Reddy that leaves a lasting impression.

In the recent past, a low-budget movie that caught immediate attention among general audiences was George Reddy. While the teaser was impressive, the theatrical cut raised the expectations. As a result, we see special shows being arranged a day prior to the film’s original release date, which is a rarity of sorts for any stipulated budget flicks. Starring Sandeep Madhav in the titular role, George Reddy is written and directed by debutante Jeevan Reddy. Based on the life of student leader George Reddy who influenced politics at Osmania University between 1967 and 1972, let’s see how his life history is translated on the silver screen.

What’s George Reddy About:

Right from his childhood, George Reddy (Sandeep Madhav) was no silent spectator to injustice. As a child, his mother (Devika Daftardar) told him stories that instilled good and just values into his mind. He kept questioning everything and would not stop until he found answers to his questions. As a result, he grows up to be an intelligent student as well as a great boxer. His life takes a turning point after joining Osmania University in the physics group. A few incidents make him take the plunge into student politics, posing a threat to the existing student wings. Furthermore, the farmers’ suicide in the state forces him to start an agitation that makes him popular across the country. With the slogan “Raise Your Voice”, he also wins the student elections. But he makes many enemies along the way who are unable to withstand his popularity among the students and the masses. He finally becomes a victim of dirty politics, while leaving a symbol of hope for the students.

What Works:

The best part of George Reddy is Sandeep Madhav’s performance, Jeevan’s writing and direction, Sudhakar’s camerawork and Suresh Bobbili’s background score. Sandeep gets into the skin of his character and has given a riveting performance that will remain his career’s best to date. Satyadev, Muskaan, Devika, Abhay, Thiruveer and Manoj are impressive among the rest of the cast who fit their parts well. Some action episodes are effectively picturized and the production values are perfect, especially given the scope of the budget.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Being the biopic of a revolutionary leader who used his voice to call out a certain sect of people, this movie is bound to have some sort of backlash. However, it is a recommended watch in modern times as there’s a dire need for inspiration to raise one’s voice against the oppressors.

Why You Should Watch:

George Reddy is a realistically handled biopic with some epic action sequences and enchanting visuals. The tragic climax leaves you teary-eyed while inspiring you to raise your voice.

Ajay Mudunuri: