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Goutham Nanda: Film Review – Discovering the Self

Verdict: Gopichand shines as Goutham and Nanda.

Tottempudi Gopichand and Sampath Nandi join hands together for the first time to come up with Goutham Nanda after quite a long gap of almost two years. This is also the first time that Gopichand is acting with Hansika Motwani and Catherine Teresa. Produced by J.Bhagavan and J.Pulla Rao for Balaji Cine Media, Gautham Nanda. The music and background score is given by S.S.Thaman and cinematography has been handled by Soundar Rajan. With Sampath Nandi at the helm of affairs, there are decent expectations surrounding this flick. Let’s see if the team of was able to impress the audiences.

Goutham Nanda - BookMyShowGhattamaneni Goutham (Gopichand) is the only son of multi-millionaire Ghattamaneni Prasad (Sachin). Goutham enjoys life to the fullest and on one occasion at a pub, a waiter (Thanikella Bharani) asks him who he is. Goutham doesn’t have an answer for this and he soon sets out on a mission to discover himself. In this process, he happens to meet Nanda (Gopichand) a lower middle-class guy who has tried to commit suicide. They get together soon and plan to exchange places and discover themselves. Will Goutham get to know his inner self? Will Nanda know what it is like to be rich? To know all these and many more twists and turns, watch Goutham Nanda at a theatre near you.Goutham Nanda - BookMyShowGopichand is perfect in the character of Goutham and his filthy rich life is effectively portrayed on screen. At the same time, the Nanda’s poverty is also effectively depicted in the slums of Borabanda. Gopichand has excelled in both the roles. Catherine Teresa as Mugda and Goutham’s love interest is super sexy in the bikini scene and is beautiful throughout the movie. Hansika Motwani as Spoorthi is beautiful and has done justice to her role. Chandramohan and Sita as Nanda parents are good. Sachin as Goutham’s father fit for the role. Venella Kishore as Nanda’s friend brings some laughter. The rest of the cast was adequate in their roles.

Sampath Nandi needs to be commended for mixing a very good message with commercial elements. He succeeds in narrating a novel story and engaging the audience. Music and background score by S.S.Thaman is one of the major highlights of the movie. Cinematography by Soundar Rajan is excellent. He has been able to capture Goutham’s filthy rich life style in a very effective manner. Editing by Gautham Raju is good.

Why You Should Watch This Movie

You should watch this movie for a very good message while not missing out commercial elements. It is an absolute treat for the fans of Gopichand. Sampath Nandi continues his winning streak at the box-office.

-By Ajay Mudunuri