Verdict: A commercial potboiler with a good message.

Kartikeya, who made a successful debut with RX100, tasted a bitter flop with the recently released movie, Hippi. In about a month’s gap, he is now back with Guna 369, which he believes has all elements to impress the youth and masses, much like his debut movie. Arjun Jandyala, a protégé of a successful director Boyapati Srinu, is making his directorial debut and the theatrical trailer has given a glimpse of how Arjun has loyally followed his mentor’s footsteps. Anagha is paired opposite Kartikeya and is making her debut in Telugu. Chaithan Bharadwaj, who gave a superhit musical album and background score for RX100, has been roped in for Guna 369.

What’s Guna 369 About:

Guna (Kartikeya) is a boy next door who is well known and loved for his helping nature. Geetha (Anagha) comes to stay in the colony and they gradually fall in love. While everything seems to be going happy, Guna falls in a trap while trying to help his friend out. He is convicted of murdering a local goon, Gadhiladunta Radha (Aditya Menon) and is sent to jail. How he comes out of it and what makes this peace-loving person turn violent forms the rest of the movie.

What Works:

If one follows the choice of scripts from Kartikeya, it is clear that he is being extra cautious to attempt something that he has never done before. Guna 369 explores the transition of a cool and humble person to a rugged and massy avatar. Kartikeya fits into the bill easily in all these shades of his character. Debutante Anagha is impressive in her act and shines even in steady, quiet scenes. Among the rest of the cast, Mahesh as Guna’s friend does a good job and so does Aditya Menon. Arjun Jandyala needs to be commended for coming up with a great message embedded in a commercial format. Given the genre of the movie, Chaithan Bharadwaj’s music may not be at par with RX 100 but is definitely a plus. Raam Reddy’s visuals elevate the mood and Thammiraju’s editing is brisk.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While Guna 369 has all the must-have ingredients of a commercial movie, it could’ve been more impactful without the duets and the love track. The film seems predictable in places.

Why You Should Watch:

Guna 369 is a jam-packed action entertainer from debutante Arjun Jandyala and has a striking resemblance to the movies made by his mentor, Boyapati Srinu. If you are in for the commercial format of cinematic experience, this one is for you. Pre-interval episodes and climax portions backed by an admirable message make Guna 369 a decent watch.