Guru: Film Review – Venky Emerges Victorious

Verdict: A poetic tale of a coach and his student.

Telugu film Guru is a remake of the Madhavan starrer Hindi/Tamil bilingual Saala Khadoos/Irudhi Suttru. Most of the cast and crew have been retained from the original version. When Guru was announced with Venky in the lead, there was a lot of buzz among the trade circles as he is a master in selecting scripts and remaking it in the Telugu language. Let’s see if Guru is another feather in his cap.

Adi (Venkatesh) is an honest, straightforward person with a no-nonsense attitude, who loses everything, including his wife, to his love for boxing. He becomes a coach. Because of his no-nonsense attitude, he is used to the dirty politics but he doesn't play along. Due to this, he is transferred to Vizag from Delhi. He meets Rameswari aka Ramudu (Ritika Singh) and sees immense talent in her. Rameswari is the youngest daughter of a poor fisherman, who stays at the beach in Vizag. Adi convinces Ramudu and her parents to coach her for boxing. How Adi moulds Ramudu to become the champion in world boxing, forms the rest of the story.

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This is a dream role for Venkatesh – donning the cap of a boxing coach. Off late, he has been doing age-appropriate roles and defying rules that are defined for stars. He is extremely amazing and will be a forerunning contender for awards this year. This film introduces a superb actor to the Telugu film industry – Ritika Singh. She will be remembered throughout her career for this debut movie. She has both beauty and talent, a rare combination indeed. Nasar is perfect in his role as the junior coach. Ragu babu did a good job as Ramudu’s father. Mumtaz Sorcar is brilliant in her emotions as Ramudu’s elder sister.

Written and directed by Sudha Kongana Prasad, she has to be commended for essaying a brilliant chemistry between a coach and his student. It was nice to see a slide in the start titles conveying her gratitude to her mentor Mani Ratnam. Cinematography by K.A. Sakthivel added glitz and beauty to each frame in Guru. Satish Suriya’s editing is top-notch and so is Santosh Narayana’s music. For the first time, Venky turned a singer with the chartbuster hit Zingidi Zingidi. Production values by Y Not Studios are filled with grandeur.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Guru is a cracker that you will be repenting if you miss it. The chemistry between Venkatesh and Ritika Singh will make you want for more. A must watch for country lovers, Goosebumps guaranteed. Even if you have watched the original, watch Guru for Venky.

— By Ajay Mudunuri