Verdict: Nani hits it out of the stadium!

Written and directed by Malli Raava fame, Gowtham Tinnanuri, Jersey chronicles the life of a cricketer named Arjun, portrayed by Natural Star Nani. While Kannada actress Shraddha Srinath is making her debut in Telugu with Jersey, child artiste Ronit Kamra plays her son. Produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi under the Sitara Entertainments banner, the technical crew supporting Gowtham’s vision the music director Anirudh Ravichander, cinematographer Sanu Varghese and editor Navin Nooli. The captivating trailer has for sure left the audience waiting for the movie’s release with bated breadth. Though the main plot is revealed in the 2-minute theatrical cut, it certainly had a magical emotional formula weaved around it. The movie matches the huge expectations the trailer has set.

What’s Jersey About:

The movie takes off to the current times in New York City with Arjun‘s (Nani) son is shown purchasing a copy of a book titled Jersey and is about his father. It then transcends to the late 80’s and 90’s, where the story is set. Arjun is a Ranji Trophy player who gets married Sarah, and they have a son. For some unknown reason, Arjun had to leave his cricketing career. After a decade, he decides to make a comeback and aspires to play for the National team. The whole narrative is non-linear and is set in three different time zones. Why Arjun quit playing cricket and whether he makes a successful comeback forms the rest.

What Works:

Jersey is a movie made with passion and sheer brilliance. Within a few minutes into the movie, you will forget the actors and instantly get connected with their characters. For Nani, this is a movie that will be cherished and remembered as one of the finest classics in his career. Shraddha is pitch-perfect as his lady love Sarah and Ronith seems more in his element with the innocence of his role. Among the rest of the cast, Satyaraj is at his emotional best while Brahmaji, Sampath Raj and Praveen are impressive in their respective roles.

Though Gowtham was praised for his debut movie Malli Raava, it is Jersey that has certainly raised the benchmark he had set. Anirudh‘s background score elevates the love, pain and angst among the main characters in every scene. Thanks to Navin Nooli‘s crisp editing, though the movie is around 160 minutes, it doesn’t seem like it. Sanu Varghese‘s camera work breaks the stereotypes and will make you feel like you are actually watching the story of a real cricketer. Sitara Entertainments deserve a pat in their shoulder for breaking the jinx and nurturing a movie that Telugu cinema hasn’t witnessed before.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Literally nothing. In fact, Jersey is a benchmark that can be set of how well a movie can be made within a stipulated budget.

Why You Should Watch:

Jersey is a fantastic sports drama driven with Gowtham’s overwhelming and emotional narrative. This is undoubtedly Nani’s career-best act and the climax will leave you with goosebumps. Go and witness this masterpiece with your family over the weekend.