Verdict: Prashanth proves his mastery in storytelling once again.

Prashanth Varma first showed his mettle as a director in the movie Awe. He is now back with a new thriller titled Kalki, starring Dr. Rajasekhar in the lead role, while Adah Sharma, Nandita Swetha, and Pooitha Ponnada play the leading ladies. Rajasekhar’s previous movie PSV Garuda Vega has brought him back to the path of success after a streak of flops. Kalki carries decent buzz in online circuits, especially after the makers released two trailers – the first one showing Rajasekhar mocking himself and a second trailer that was honest to its theme and was more focussed more on plot revelation. Let’ see what this thriller has to offer to our audience.

What’s Kalki About:

Set in the ’80s, Narsappa (Ashutosh Rana) is a ruthless political leader based out of the Kollapur region in Telangana. He has a bitter rivalry with Perumandlu, who belongs to the same region. Though Narsappa is ruthless, his brother Sekhar Babu (Sidhu Jonalgadda) is famous among the people of his village for his good deeds. However, he gets brutally killed by unknown assailants. IPS Officer Kalki (Rajasekhar) is appointed by the government to investigate the case. How Kalki solves the murder mystery and the real reason behind the murder sums up the main essence of the film.

What Works:

Dr. Rajasekhar has always been excellent in the role of a police officer and Kalki is no different for him. He has performed persuasively. Guntur Talkies fame Sidhu Jonalgadda has given a riveting performance and Rahul Ramakrishna’s light humor contributes to the narration. The lead ladies Adah Sharma, Nanditha Swetha, and Poojitha Ponnada slip into their characters easily. While Awe was an out-and-out entertainer, Kalki is altogether a different concept from Prashant Varma, which he has executed with finesse. With Kalki, he has expanded his horizon in terms of storytelling. The music and background score by Shravan Bharadwaj are poignant and Dasaradhi Shivendra’s camera visuals are vivid. Editing by Goutham Nerusu is flawless sans jerks. Producers C. Kalyan and Rajasekhar have ensured that every penny spent is translated on screen.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The romance angle between the lead pair and a couple of songs seem unwarranted for an otherwise well-made investigative thriller. The violence shown to portray the antagonist’s cruel intentions might not go well with family audiences.

Why You Should Watch:

Kalki, molded with commercial elements, is yet another classy entertainer from the school of the talented director, Prashanth Varma. This film has proven all his doubters wrong and given the audience an impressive thriller to watch out for in theatres.

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