Verdict: Impeccable background score and scintillating camera work.

With Keshava, Sudheer Varma and Nikhil join hands together for the second time after their stupendous hit Swamy Ra Ra. Also, for the first time, Nikhil has been paired with Ritu Varma of the Pellichoopulu fame. We also have Isha Koppikar staging a comeback to Telugu industry after more than a decade. The teaser and the theatrical trailers of this film have generated immense curiosity among the general audience. With Nikhil enjoying back-to-back hits right from Swamy Ra Ra, let’s see if he is able to continue the trend with Keshava.

Keshava (Nikhil) loses his parents during his childhood when their car meets with an accident. He survives this trauma, along with this sister who is rendered handicapped. He has a rare disorder where his heart is placed towards the right of his chest. Due to this reason, he must not get very anxious as that would lead him to a heart attack. Even under these circumstances, he sets out to avenge his parent’s death. Whether he succeeds in his mission is to be seen on the large screen.

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After successive blockbusters to his credit, Nikhil has evolved as a mature actor. This is clearly seen in the way he emotes in Keshava. This is another feather in his cap. Ritu Varma is beautiful as Keshava’s love interest and enacted her role well. Isha Koppikar excelled in the role of a special investigative officer who sets out to nab the culprit responsible for the series of murders. Rao Ramesh has delivered a top-notch performance towards the climax. AjayBrahmajiPriyadarshiVenella Kishore and others fit the bill well.

Sudheer Varma needs to be commended for the way he has captured the emotions. Titles are showcased in a novel way. Though it is a routine revenge story with a wafer thin script, the way Sudheer has built the scenes is truly impressive. If given a proper script, this guy will surely make good films. His filming technique has shades and style of Ram Gopal Varma. Background score by Prashant Pillai is the backbone of Keshava and so is the camera work by Divakar ManiS.R. Shekar’s editing is crisp with a runtime of less than two hours. Abhishek Pictures have become a name to reckon with already two releases in a span of three weeks.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Novel treatment of an age-old revenge drama is what makes Keshava a good watch. No second thoughts, if you are a Nikhil fan. The way background score and camera work is handled, you will be transported to a different world.

— By Ajay Mudunuri