Verdict: A decent love story interwoven with crime comedy.
Kittu Unnadu Jaagratha has Raj Tarun and Anu Emanuel as the lead pair and is directed by Vamsi Krishna Naidu who earlier directed Dongaata. It also has Arbaaz Khan playing the role of the main antagonist. With Raj Tarun delivering back-to-back hits, there are decent expectations surrounding this flick produced by Ramabrahmam Sunkara under the banner AK Entertainments.
Kittu (Raj Tarun), Balu, Appu and Babji are orphans who pursued their mechanical engineering and work in a car garage. Their aim is to have their own garage. Jaanu aka Janaki (Anu Emanuel) comes to the garage to have her car repaired. It is love at first sight for Kittu and 
eventually, Jaanu falls for him too. Jaanu informs her father Aditya Narayana (Nagendra Babu) about her relationship with Kittu. Aditya asks her daughter to test Kittu and evaluate whether he is the right person for her. After her dad insists, Jaanu leaves a bag with 25 lakh cash in it at Kittu’s garage and tells him that she has forgotten the bag and will take it next day. Babji runs away with the cash and leaves the bag. Knowing this, Kittu and his other friends manage to adjust the amount by taking a loan from the local goons. They start kidnapping dogs to pay the interest on the loan amount. Air (Arbaaz Khan) is a dreaded criminal who blackmails rich people for money. Aditya raids his house at the city and seizes his locker. To get the locker back, Air’s brother kidnaps Jaanu. At the same time, Kittu unknowingly kidnaps Jaanu’s dog. What happened next has to be seen on the silver screen.

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Raj Tarun is as usual at his best. He has excelled in all the departments of acting. Anu Emanuel is beautiful and ultra glamorous. After a decent gap, Arbaaz Khan is back as a dreaded gangster. Prudhvi plays the role of a person who cannot see in the dark. His comic timing is excellent. Raghu Babu fits the role of baba. Nagendra Babu looked decent in the role of IT Officer. Raja Ravindra is fearsome in the role of ACP Surya. Hamsa Nandini is seen in a cameo and sizzles in the song Naa Pere Singapore Sirimalli.
Vamsi Krishna Naidu succeeded again in his second directorial venture. B. Rajshekar’s camera work is good and music by Anup Rubens is excellent. Producers have left no stone unturned to make the flick look visually appealing.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

You can watch this flick for its wholesome entertainment quotient. It has a sweet love story embedded with loads of comedy blended with funny mistakes and crime drama.

— By Ajay Mudunuri