Life Is Beautiful: Movie Review

I was praying that Life is Beautiful doesn’t turn out to be a rip-off of the 1997 hit, Life is Beautiful starring Robert Benigni. Thankfully, it wasn’t one.

Life is Beautiful seemed more like a half-hearted Bollywood-esque movie by Sekhar Kammula. The first half of the story revolves around two things. One, the battle between the rich and the poor where the youth belonging to both strata are pretty much at war with each other. And the so called “war” initiates because of the silliest of reasons. And two, three very complicated so-called love stories, Srini (played by Abhijeet Duddala) and Paddu (played by Shagun Kaur), Nagaraj (played by Sudhakar Komakula) and Lakshmi (played by Zara Shah), Abhi (played by Kaushik) and Paru (played by Shriya Saran).

The movie tells the story of these 6 youngsters, and the nuances they face. The first half of the movie is quite quirky, but really doesn’t impress. Nagaraj’s Telangana accent and his jokes stood out in the first half. The story didn’t really seem to be taking off. It was more like a merry-go-round – Romance-fights–romance– fights. On the other hand, the second half of the film was quite touchy. Human emotions, problems faced by the common man, rich or poor, came to the forefront. The movie seemed to be conveying a message. All of us face issues that leave us down and out. There are people who face worse. Cribbing and whining about the problems we face will not get us anywhere. Certain incidents change people. Some for the good, some for bad. The second-half, showcases how incidents change people for the good.

Throughout the second half of the movie, this message was highlighted. The six youngsters brilliantly conveyed those human emotions. Even if the first-half was a little cranky, the latter will definitely put a smile on your face. Like all movies there are events that seem completely unreal but then it’s a movie, right!? The music score for the film was soothing and well composed. Each song and score was perfectly tailored to fit each situation.

Verdict: This movie is definitely worth a watch. Probably not more than once. But yes, definitely worth watching once.

Movie Details
Director: Sekhar Kammula
Cast & Crew: Abijeet, Sudhakar, Kaushik, Shagun, Zara, Rashmi, Shriya Saran, Amala
Writer:  Sekhar Kammula

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