Loukyam is an entertaining film that shines in comparison. The best compliment for the movie probably would be to say that it is neither boring nor loud. This, of course, is saying much for the recent spate of releases. Although by itself, the story or the screenplay have nothing new to boast of, the film wins with its comedy quotient. Noisy punch dialogues or never-ending fights are far fewer and that makes this movie much tidier and watchable.
The recent trend of movies has been action comedies with tons of punch dialogues and a clever protagonist to deliver them. Loukyam is no different from them but what sets it apart is that the dialogue is not crammed into the actors’ mouths, and the story is not too rushed.
The story is about Venki (Gopichand) who helps the sister of a rowdy Babji elope with her lover, and he consequently moves to Hyderabad to lay low for a while. There he falls in love with Chandrakala (Rakul Preet Singh) who is the sister of another local rowdy, Sathya. While Babji is searching for the guy who helped her sister elope, another gang of rowdies sent by Keshava Reddy are out to kill Chandrakala. How both these lines find a common thread and how it is resolved by Venki forms the rest of the plot.
Even though the second-half of the film is formulaic, the humor works which is a great blessing for both, the movie and the audience. The climax shall have you in splits. The fights are perfunctory and short which is a rare but welcome change.
Gopichand, as a diplomatic youngster on the run from a local rowdy in Warangal plays his role well. He strikes in a couple of scenes with Brahmanandam where his body language and comic timing are inimitable. The heroine, Rakul Preet Singh fits her role comfortably and is at ease all through the movie. Brahmanandam, the current hot favorite among the movie audience, is brilliant with his performance. He is more spontaneous in his acting instead of dipping into stock expressions which he had been wont to do in the last few films.
Why should you watch this film?
If you need to spend some quality time with your family at the movies, then Loukyam is a good choice. It isn’t a film that has become a canvas for star power to throw its weight about, but focuses on keeping its audience entertained.
By Kiran Relangi

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