Verdict: Dil Raju hits the bulls-eye again!

Even after making a successful debut as a director with Ala Ela, it took about four years for Anish Krishna to come up with his second directorial venture, Lover. Starring Raj Tarun in the lead role, it marks the debut of the model-turned-actor Riddhi Kumar. With maverick producer Dil Raju at the helm of affairs, Lover has got to be the biggest release in Raj Tarun’s career. One unique factor is that we have six music directors working for this movie, maybe a record of sorts.

What’s Lover About:

Raj (Raj Tarun) is a mechanic by profession who works on customizing bikes and cars. Raj loses his parents early in his life, in his childhood, and stays with his brother, Rajeev Kanakala. Raj is injured and is rushed to the hospital where he meets Charitha (Riddhi Kumar), who works as a nurse there. He falls in love with her at first sight. Initially reluctant, Charitha accepts Raj’s proposal later. Just when life seems to be happy for these lovebirds, Charitha gets entangled with the hospital mafia and needless to say, they are a villainous bunch. How Raj saves Charitha from the clutches of these antagonists forms the rest of Lover.

What Works:

Directed by Anish Krishna, Lover is a neat and clean family entertainer that has good dosages of romance, action, sentiments, and humor. Raj Tarun, as usual, is at his best and has given a riveting performance. His pony-tailed hair styling looks great and suits his character to the tee. Riddhi Kumar is impressive in her debut and her beautiful facial expressions is a huge asset. She has portrayed the role of a Malayalee girl with élan. Among the rest of the cast, Rajeev Kanakala’s role definitely stands out. The gang members have been played by Sachin, Ajay, and Subbaraju were good. Satya, Praveen, and Satyam Rajesh were adequate as the hero’s friends. The way Anish Krishna has dealt with a simple story needs a special mention, especially the second half. All the scenes shot in Kerala are fabulous. Sameer Reddy’s camera work is extraordinary and has captured the locales effectively. Jeevan Babu’s background score keeps the momentum going. Praveen Pudi’s editing is appreciable and the production values are great.

What Could Have Been Better:

The first half seems a bit flat in places, as the things start getting heated up around the interval. However, the entertaining second half dominates the proceedings.

Why You Should Watch:

Lover is a movie aimed at youth and family audience with some great entertaining elements. Go for it without unrealistic expectations and you will not be disappointed.