Verdict: Majili moves you with its pure emotions.

After a brief hiatus, Shiva Nirvana, the director of Ninnu Kori, is back with his second directorial venture titled Majili, a triangle love story set in Vizag. The movie grabbed immediate attention as it beacons the comeback of Chaitanya and Samantha post marriage. With a wonderfully cut theatrical trailer and a good album on n hands, Majili is undoubtedly one of the much-awaited movies releasing this season. Divyansha Kaushik is making her debut and is also the first movie for the production company, Shine Screens. Majili take the audience on a journey of three characters, who’re torn in love and tell a beautiful story.

What’s Majili About:

Cricket and Anshu (Divyansha Kaushik) are the two most important parts of life for the 19-year-old, Poorna (Naga Chaitanya). However, fate intervenes and he is not able to amount to much in life. Though he gets married to Sravani (Samantha), who is ready to sacrifice anything for Poorna, it is never a smooth sailing for the married couple. Majili takes us through three people’s lives whose fates are intertwined. Poorna not only has to sort his love life out, he also has to work towards his passion – cricket.

What Works:

In Majili, you won’t see the Chay and Sam you know; you will see Poorna and Sravani. That’s the conviction they put in to their roles. They seemed to have completely surrendered to the director and are hence immensely successful in portraying such emotional characters with such elegance. Divyansha Kaushik makes a very impressive debut and has excelled as Poorna’s love interest. Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Subba Raju and the rest of the cast aptly fits in their respective roles. Director Shiva Nirvana has definitely proven that he is not a one-hit wonder with Majili and is here to stay. The writing and screenplay are seamless and one instantly connects with the characters. The internal conflict and pain make an impact with all honesty. Thaman’s background score has enhanced the emotions and Gopi Sundar’s album is soothing to hear. Vishnu Sharma’s camera work is impressive, and one can easily relate to the middle-class family proceedings. Prawin Pudi’s slick editing makes you feel for the characters and takes us through their emotional journey seamlessly.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Though Majili gets sluggish at times, it is effectively rescued by the realistic narrative pattern and adept emotional connect.

Why You Should Watch:

Majili is a beautiful movie deftly handled by the director Shiva Nirvana and supported by the talented cast and crew. Where there is love, there is pain and you will feel both while you come out of the theatres. Majili is a good start for the summer season.

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