Verdict: Mallesham is an inspiring biopic that will touch your heart.

While many biopics have released in the recent past, not all of them may have attracted viewers. Reasons for this could be many but the ones that have been applauded by audiences have genuinely touched human emotions. The next entrant in the list of biopics is the story of Chintakindi Mallesham, a pioneer who revolutionized the art of weaving. Starring Priyadarshi in the lead role and ably supported by Ananya and Jhansi, let’s see if Mallesham is successful in striking the right chords.

What’s Mallesham About:

Set between 1980 and 1990, Mallesham starts off on a bitter note where a weaver’s family in Nalagonda District commits suicide as they are unable to pay back their debts. Elsewhere, young Mallesham (Priyadarshi), revered as an engineer by his village friends for his ingenious acts, has to drop out of school after seventh grade to support his father. He grows up seeing his mother and other women of his village suffer from shoulder pains due to the constant winding of silk threads. Undeterred by the people of his village who dissuade him from his visionary thoughts, Mallesham stands hell-bent on inventing his dream machine – “Asu” – a miraculously crafted weaving tool made to make life easier for the tormented women. How he succeeds in his mission with the help of his better half, friends, and his mother form the crux of Mallesham.

What Works:

Mallesham is a fascinating tale of Padma Shri recipient Chintakindi Mallesham’s story, told in the most entertaining way. Priyadarshi gets into the skin of the protagonist and will definitely be a forerunner for any upcoming awards of this year. Ananya is a super find and impresses in the role of Mallesham’s wife. Jhansi as Mallesham’s mother is brilliant in her act. Raj Rachakonda, who directed the Tamil movie Sila Samayangal 11 years ago, is back with a bang with Mallesham. His detailing is noteworthy. Mark Robin’s music and Balu Sandilyasa’s camerawork sets the mood right. Dialogues by Ashok Peddinti are a big asset to the film.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Viewers seeking commercial format movies might find Mallesham a tad slow at times. Know what to expect before you book for this movie.

Why You Should Watch:

Mallesham is bound to make you feel overwhelmed with genuine emotions and will also leave you with tears at times. This is an honest tribute to the man who made the lives of weavers easy and is amalgamated with astounding performances from the cast.

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