Verdict: As sweet as it sounds with a heavy dose of humor.

Mithai is a comical multi-starrer of sorts, bringing together the current crop of comedians in Telugu cinema – Priyadarshi Pullikonda and Rahul Ramakrishna, who previously impressed with witty performances in Pellichoopulu and Arjun Reddy respectively. Written and directed by debutant Prashanth Kumar and produced by Prabhat Kumar, Mithai is touted to be a dark comedy targeted towards the youth. With two trendy comedians taking center stage, are we in for double the entertainment? Let’s see.

What’s Mithai About:

Jani (Priyadarshi Pullikonda) is a jobless young man with no ambition in life. His friend Sai (Rahul Ramakrishna) is a techie with no brains and ends up losing every job as soon as he lands one. Just three days before his wedding, Sai gets fired from his current job. Unable to withstand the agony, he gets drunk with Jani and accidentally forgets to close the door of his house after the party. A thief enters the house and steals all the valuable possessions. Krishna (Ravi Varma), an NRI friend, reprimands Sai of being a loser. This remark makes Sai and Jani embark on a mission to nab the thief before the marriage and prove Krishna wrong.

What Works:

While we’ve seen ace comedians like Brahmanandam, Ali, Sunil and others turn protagonists at some point of time in their respective careers, Mithai proves to be the entry of Priyadarshi and Rahul joining the league. They are at their wittiest best, supported by an equally talented cast. Vivek Sagar’s music elevates the mood of the film while Ravi Varman’s camera work gives you a whole new texture to this dark comic caper. Garry’s crisp editing and Red Ants Cinema‘s production values to the beauty of the film. Given the nativity of the director, one can easily conclude that cinema has no language barriers, rather you just need to have a creative mind.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Though Mithai is hyped as a comic caper, the audience used to native humor might find it difficult to adjust to this new-age comedy. Nevertheless, one can’t stop but appreciate the innovative hilarious ride the team has to offer.

Why You Should Watch:

Unconventional but endearing characters make Mithai one of a kind. This comic adventure is a dream made with passion and ludicrous hilarity. Sit back and get your dose of Mithai this weekend.