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Naruda DONORuda: Film Review – An Honest Remake

Verdict: Lives up to the original!
Naruda Donoruda is a remake of a superhit Hindi movie Vicky Donor, which released a couple of years ago. Directed by Mallik Ram, the Hindi rights were bought and the movie was produced by Sumanth himself. Touted to be a comeback movie for Sumanth, who is really looking for a solid break, has taken a calculated risk in the form of Naruda Donoruda. Let’s see if he was able to succeed in coming back to form.

Vikram alias Vicky (Sumanth) is a jobless youth who does nothing for a living. He lives with his widow mom who runs a beauty parlor at her house. Dr. Anjaneyulu (Thanikella Bharani) is a fertility doctor who owns a small clinic near the old city. He is in desperate need of a sperm donor and finds the right guy in the form of Vicky. He has to try a lot of gimmicks to convince Vicky to partake in sperm donation for a living. After several tantrums, Vicky decides to go for it. In the meantime, Vicky falls in love at first sight with Ashima (Pallavi Subhash) who works at a bank. Their bonding becomes much stronger when Vicky comes to know that she is a divorcee. He loves her a lot. She hails from Bengal but settles in Hyderabad. They get married after taking the mutual consent of their parents. What happens when Ashima comes to know about Vicky’s profession? What did Dr.Anjaneyulu do after Vicky got married? Is there any twist in the tale? To know all these, watch this flick at a theatre near you.

Naruda DONORuda Telugu Film Review - BookMyShow
Sumanth reprised the role of Vicky to perfection. He is adorable as a jobless youth and has looked fresher than before. Naruda Donoruda is indeed a perfect comeback for Sumanth. He needs to be commended for picking up a new concept that worked in Hindi for Telugu audience. It takes guts to choose such a bold subject for his comeback movie. Pallavi Subash is beautiful as the Bengali girl and has emoted all emotions in an excellent way. Her character has a mix of all emotions and she has enacted it pretty well. The major highlight of the movie is Thanikella Bharani who played the role of a fertility specialist. His diction and acting worked really well for the movie. We could not think of anyone else who could match his acting for this role. Kudos to him. Rest of all the characters did justice to their respective roles.
Direction by Mallik Ram is decent and has succeeded in sticking to the soul of the original. Music and background score by Sricharan Pakala is excellent. Photography and production values are great.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Watch this movie for its unique concept. Even if you have watched the original, you can watch this again for Thanikella Bharani and Sumanth.

–By Ajay Mudunuri