Verdict: An easy-breezy first-of-its-kind love story in Tollywood.

Kunal Kohli makes his entry into the Telugu film Industry as a director with Next Enti, a rom-com featuring Sundeep Kishan and Tamannaah Bhatia in lead roles, and ably supported by Poonam Kaur, Navdeep, Larissa Bonesi and Sarath Babu. We’ve known Kunal Kohli as a contemporary storyteller who is mainly focused on making romantic movies like Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Hum Tum and Fanaa. Sachiin Joshi, who earlier acted as a hero in several film industries, has bankrolled this project along with Akshai Puri. Let’s see what Kunal Kohli has to offer the Telugu audience.

What’s Next Enti? About:

Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) is a modern young man with a broad mindset. Tammy (Tamannah Bhatia) is a modern girl who is shown breaking up with her boyfriend as he isn’t her true love. Sanju and Tammy meet each other and connect instantly. Sanju tries to take things to the next level but Tammy is not up for it and breaks up with him as well. Over the course of time, Sanju starts dating Roshni (Larissa Bonesi) and Tammy bonds with Krish (Navdeep). But there’s still love brewing between the two former lovers and the film goes on to explore their relationship with each other and with their respective partners.

What Works:

Kunal Kohli has given a first-of-its-kind love story to Telugu movie viewers. Next Enti beautifully captures the crux of a couple in a relationship and the aftermath of a break-up. The awkward yet lovable chemistry between Tamannah and Sundeep leaves you craving for more. Tamannah is astonishingly excellent in her role and has portrayed her character with elegance. Sundeep has delivered a subtler performance without going overboard with his actions. It is also pleasant to see Sarath Babu reprising the role of Tamannah’s father and the episodes between them work well. Navdeep, Larissa and Poonam Kaur also play their parts to perfection. The visuals and the music of the film are a delight to the senses. London has been beautifully captured by Maneesh Chandra Bhatt while the music by Leon James is catchy. Right from the first frame to the climax, Next Enti is loaded with fresh visuals and rich production values.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While the movie starts off on a refreshing note, the pace tends to slow down, especially during the second half. Nonetheless, these are minor aberrations and doesn’t spoil the overall mood of the movie.

Why You Should Watch:

Next Enti is an earnest attempt that strikes a chord with the urban audience, especially the youth. This is undoubtedly a new-age love story and a first-of-its-kind in Telugu cinema that all movie fans must watch. Go for it if you enjoy films with a novelty factor.