Verdict: A decently made movie with a good message.

Operation Gold Fish is a patriotic thriller written and directed by Sai Kiran Adivi, who is famous for his light-hearted entertainers such as Vinayakudu, Village lo Vinayakudu and Kerintha. Starring Aadi in the lead role, the rest of the cast includes Sasha Chettri, Nithya Naresh, Karthik Raju, Parvateesam, Krishnudu, Abburi Ravi, Manoj Nandam and Anish Kuruvilla in prominent roles. Though Sai Kiran Adivi tasted success with his earlier movies, for the first time, he is trying his hands with a patriotic thriller. Operation Gold Fish revolves around the plight of the Kashmiri pandits in the 1980s.

What’s Operation Gold Fish About:

Arjun Pandit (Aadi) is an NSG Commando whose parents were killed in a terrorist attack in the Kashmir valley when he was young. When their leader Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi) gets captured by the team of NSG Commando’s headed by Arjun Pandit, Faaroq (Manoj Nandam) and his gang hatch a plan to kidnap the foreign minister <name>’s daughter (minister played by Rao Ramesh) and get back Ghazi Baba in return. How Arjun Pandit comes to their rescue and whether he can foil the plans of the enemy forms the rest of the plot of Operation Gold Fish.

What Works:

It is refreshing to see Aadhi in the role of an NSG Commando and performing some high voltage action sequences, on the lines of what we’ve seen from his dad in the yesteryears. Sasha Chettri is photogenic and has made an impressive Telugu debut. Nithya Naresh is convincing in her role and Abburi Ravi shocks everyone in his debut movie as an actor in the antagonist’s role. Parvateesam, Karthik Raju and Krishnudu are able to invoke a few chuckles. Manoj Nandam has given his best as Farooq. Anish Kuruvilla’s role is tailor-made for him, while Rao Ramesh is adequate. Sai Kiran Adivi should be appreciated for taking a novel subject matter in Telugu cinema. Cinematography by Jaipal Reddy is the best part of the movie – Operation Gold Fish and as is Sri Charan Pakala’s background score. Garry’s editing is up to the mark and the crisp run-time of just over 2 hours is an added advantage.

What Could Have Been Better:

While the plot is novel to Telugu cinema, few unwanted melodramatic scenes between the four friends seemed unwarranted and seem to distract us from the core plot.

Why You Should Watch:

Operation Gold Fish is a slick and stylish patriotic thriller filled with gripping elements that will keep you hooked till the end. Though it is made on a limited budget, the grand visuals and excellent background score give you a feeling of watching a high budget flick. If you are a fan of the movies that fall in the patriotic genre, this one is definitely for you.