Verdict: Revenge saga with good twists at the right places!

Patel S.I.R starring Jagapathi Babu, Padma Priya and Tanya Hope in lead roles is directed by debutante Vasu Parimi and produced by Rajani Korrapati under Vaarahi Chalana Chitram banner. This is a Sai Korrapati production and presented by Sai Shivani. After a long time, Jagapathi Babu is back in action as a lead hero. The posters and trailers of the movie looked different and there is a decent hype surrounding this flick as it is from Vaarahi Chalana Chitram. Let’s see if there is anything exciting from this debut director.

Subash Patel (Jagapathi Babu) is an ex-military officer who is out on a killing spree.  First, he eliminates Prabhakar (Lala) and then Prithvi (Monti) followed by Kanna. All these members belong to the gang of Kabir (Devraj alias DR) and Kanna is his brother. Catherine (Tanya Hope) is given the task of nabbing the culprit. What is the motive behind Subash's killings? Are there any more twists and turns in this revenge saga? To know all these, watch Patel S.I.R at a theatre near you.

Patel Sir - BookMyShowThis is a tailor-made role for Jagapathi Babu. He has excelled in his comeback movie as a lead hero and impresses everyone with his act. Tanya Hope is ultra glamorous in her intro scene at the swimming pool. Her role as a police officer is pretty good. Aamani (Bharathi) is seen after a long time and is good as Subash Patel wife. Posani as Pandu is hilarious in his role. Padma Priya (Raji) as Jr. Jagapathi Babu's (Vallabh Patel) wife is decent in her homely attire. The child artistes who played Vallabh’s children are very good and the daughter child artiste has done a fabulous job. Raghu Babu as home minister is okay. The rest of the cast is apt in their roles.

The screenplay by Vasu is decent but his direction could have been better. Some of the emotions came real good especially the daughter singing the national anthem at the climax and the interval bang is a surprise twist. Cinematography by Sam.K.Naidu is good. Music by DJ Vasanth is average and back ground score could have been better. Surprisingly, the production values are not up to the mark. Editing by Gowtham Raju is good. Story by Sunil Sudhakar is the major asset for this movie. A few Goosebumps are guaranteed.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you want to see Jagapathi Babu as the hero, then you shouldn’t have second thoughts about watching this movie. You may also watch this movie for some very good emotions and decent action episodes. Overall, a good comeback movie as the lead hero from Jagapathi Babu.

– By Ajay Mudunuri