Verdict: Entertaining commercial love flick with good music.

Pelliki Mundu Prema Katha is a small budget movie directed by Madhu Gopu and jointly produced by Sudhakar Patnam and Avinash Salandra. It has Chethan Cheenu and Sunainaa in lead roles, along with Thagubothu Ramesh and Racha Ravi in prominent roles. D. S. Rao has been involved in direction. Five small budget movies have released today and let’s see if Pelliki Mundu Prema Katha has made a mark.

Sri Alias Santosh (Chethan Cheenu) dreams of beautiful masked girl and her phone number. But he is confused about the last digit of the number.  Unsure if it is a 6 or an 8, he calls both the numbers to make his dream come true. After talking to his dream girl, Sri starts calling her often and she finally decides to meet upon his insistence. She has only one condition: she will meet him wearing a face mask. She is introduced to Sri as Trisha but her real name is Anu (Sunainaa). She works as a software employee in Infovity. Sri also meets her for the first time wearing a mask. They start meeting each other covering their faces. One fine day, they realize that they should meet the next time without wearing masks. What happens next has to be seen on the silver screen.Pelliki Mundu Prema Katha - BookMyShowChethan Cheenu is handsome and a fairly good actor. He has the scope to improve his dialogue diction. Sunainaa is beautiful and the pair looked apt. Sunainaa’s friend did a decent job. Thagubothu Ramesh is seen as Dhaya – a powerful police officer who takes on Racha Ravi.Racha Ravi plays the gangster Surya bhai. Both these characters are a rip-off from NTR’s Temper and Mahesh Babu’s BusinessmanD. S. Rao played a cameo as Sunaina’s father. All the characters are suited to their roles.

Debutante director Madhu Gopu has a promising career. He made sure that there are no dull moments and the movie is engaging right from the beginning to the end. Vinod Yajamanya’s music is the major highlight of Pelliki Mundhu Prema Katha. Even the back ground score gels well with the movie. Cinematography is decent for a low budget flick. Production values are great and one can visually see the money spent on screen.

Why You Should Watch This Movie

For a low budget flick, the technical standards of Pelliki Mundhu Prema Katha are great. You may watch this movie for its entertaining moments and an engaging love story. There are no dull moments and you will be engaged right from the first scene till the end. Overall, an entertaining flick.

-By Ajay Mudunuri